Taxing the Rich More: Preliminary Evidence from the 2013 Tax Increase

Emmanuel Saez   NBER Working Paper No. 22798   Issued in November 2016

Executive Summary 

The Rich 1% has Some Rich, Some Very Rich Some Very Very Rich and Some Very Very Very Rich  
Chart #1 The Top 1% are Rich. Their Share of Income Doubled Over 30 Years but it did bot Double for all Members.
Chart #2 Their Taxes Rates Went Down
Chart #3 Top 1%
Share Grew More than the Not Quite Rich (next 4%) and much than the Almost Not Quite Almost Rich (next 5%)
Very VeryvVery Rich group 3 are the top 1/10th of 1%. They Earn More Than the Rest of the Rich (2/10th to 1%).


Chart #2
Top 1% Share of Income Doubled
Note Quite Rich Bottom Had Little Change

What the 1% Don't Want You to Know video by liberal economist Paul Krugman fears Oligopoly power

Chart #3
Top 1% Income Share Doubled
Their Tax Rates Down


Chart #4
The Very Very Very-Very Rich top 1/10th of 1%
Earn More Than the
Rest of the Rich 2/10th to 1%


Income Tax Paid by Our Most Economically Successful

Regressive Payroll Tax = Progressive Income Tax

Out of 10,000 People
How Many are Very Very Very Rich, Other Rich, Almost Rich
and Other Groups Wanting to Move Up



Income Growth By Group Requires Discussion

1. This Date Needs to be refined Into three Groups,
     The Very Very Very Rich and three other Rich Groups.

2. Taxes Up Lots for Very Very Very Rich,
    Taxes Up Some for the Very Very Rich
    Taxes Up A Bit the Very Rich.

3. We Need an Appreciation Party for all Tax Payers
    A. Presidents hosts the Very Very Very Rich
    B. States host rest of the Very Very Rich.
    C. County Governments hosts the Very Rich
    D. Local Government hosts everyone else


Other Stuff

Charity Growth of the Rich
Matches Their Income Share Growth








Why Are Income and Salary Growing
More Than Dividends? Taxes?

Income of the Very-Very-Rich Grew More Than Their Capital Gains Income which May be Staying Overseas?
Why Did Their Income and Salary Growing More Than Dividends? Taxes?
Charity Growth of the Rich Matched Their Income Share Growth

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