Economic Classics
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1984 Spark Notes

Animal Farm Audio Book

Animal Farm YouTube
Spark's Animal Farm
Affluent Society, The
Aristotle Politics 8 hour audio book
Ayn Rand Collection
Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead ...
Ayn Rand Interview 27 min. video
        Ayn Rand 1 of 4 83 min. video
     AR and C Hutchens On God 18 min video
     Christopher Hitchens vs. Ayn Rand
87 min video
Brave New World audio 
Spark Notes
     A. Huxley Interview 29 min video
Who are We A. Huxley 69 min video
Today's 1957 World A. Huxley

Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy J. Schumpeter video
Communism, The Principles, F, Engels
Communist Party, The Manifesto of the
Critique of Pure Judgment, The
E. Kant a new philosophy
Das Kapital C. Marx changes the next century
Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville
You Tube Audio
Economic Consequences of the Peace, The Keynes
Employment, Interest and Money, General Theory of
Federalist, The Founders design a democratic government
France. Reflections on Revolution in E Burk on government
Free to Choose 10 video
Frenzied Finance: Crime of Amalgamated, T._Lawson 1906
Gilded Age The
Mark Twain’s book on a wealthy society 

How the Other Half Lives 1890's tenement life
Human Action Mises's 1940 book well respected

Jungle, The  Upton Sinclair

New Industrial State, The J. K. Galbraith

Knowledge in Society, The Use of F.Hayek
Leviathan T. Hobbs begins social contract discussions

Muckrakers and their works
Octopus, The A Story of California. Book 1 of a trilogy 
Population, An Essay on the Principle of T. Malthus
Power Elite, The Study of power distribution in 1950's America
Prince, The Machiavelli defines cutthroat politics

Republic, The Plato begins the discussion of political economy
Rights of Man, The T. Paine joins the founders of Democracy

Second Treatise of Civil Government, The J. Lock

Social Reform or Revolution R. Luxemburg

The State & Revolution, V. Lenin
Theory of the Leisure Class
Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, The 
Audio 1 
2 and 3
Worldly Philosopher, The


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Classic in the Making

7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy - W. Mosler pdf
Lecture from W. Moster
62 min video
Video Interview


Austerity - The History of a Dangerous Idea 67min. 
56 min.

The Great Deformation 68 min. D. Stockman Interview


New Thoughts On Capital in the 21st T. Piketty 21 min.

Debate 79 min

Globalization and Its Discontents   J. Stiglitz   Discussion 62 min.

Federal Reserve Research Publications

Monetary Policy and Economic Research Boston

Forefront Winter 2016–2017 Cleveland


Economic Research Board of Governors

Research and Data Kansas City

Research Division Minneapolis

Current Issues In Economic and Finance NY

GDP Now Richman

St. Louis
Review Q2 2016  
The Regional Economist Q2

 San Francisco

The Full Employment Mandate of the Federal Reserve