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Notes on first-year calculus
78 pages
very, concise, good for review.

Calculus Lecture Notes Page
Courses I and II have 138 and 140 pages, course III is under construction.

Equations to Differential Equations
three terms, 600 pages, somewhat wordy

Elementary Calculus:
An Infinitesimal Approach
 992 pages are worth the extra effort.

Center of inexpensive Calculus books 

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Paul's Algebra and Trig Review
Crash Course in Trigonometry
Pre-calculus Tutorials is extensive.

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Paul's Online Notes : Calculus I

Paul's Calculus Cheat Sheets

Fundamental Theorem of calculus

Calculus Reviews and Quizzes from Harvey Mudd College

Calculus Animations is a unique but slow web site.

Review with Calculus I in 20 Minutes Video