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Excel Tutorials Over the Years
Excel 2000 Main Screen a good starting point or a  review
Excel 2000 from GCF learning free org
Excel2003 from GCF learning free org
Excel 2003 Introduction: Part I from Bookboon
Excel 2003 Introduction: Part II from Bookboon
Excel 2007 GCF learning free org
Excel 2007 Introduction: Part I from Bookboon
Excel 2007 Introduction: Part II from Bookboon
Introd. to Microsoft Excel 2007 the basics in 62 pages pdf
Excel 2010
Excel 2010 Free Trial Version
Excel 2010 from GCF learning free org
Excel 2010 is a multi-part course.
Excel 2010 Intro  1: Formulas, Functions and Formatting from Bookboon

Excel 2010 Intro 2 - Printing, Names and Sheets from Book boom
Excel 2013
Excel 2013 from GCF learning free org
Excel-2013 Plain and Simple 367 pages
Excel 2016 Excel Fundamentals #1 - 1:21:10.
Excel 2016 from GCF learning free org

Learn Specific Tasks

Better Solutions has an extensive help that is indexed by subject area

Economic Recessions in Excel Charts Excel Chart Examples for creating charts with a difference

Excel Training Videos are extensive from internet4classrooms
Excel Practice Tests & Tutorials is well done.
Excel-easy.com is well done.
Excel Video Tutorials basic concepts, Pivot Tables, Graphs.
Excel Tuitorial many easy to find topics.

Family Computer Club has many videos.

Improve your excel 1000 free Excel tutorials and tips

K-12 Excel Modules has beginner and advanced material.

Microsoft Excel Video Tutorials has clear and simple annotated instructions
has self-practice but no audio, just written directions.

Intermediate Material.

Excel forum
Excel Statistics Lab Manual

Excel Video Tutorials Pivot Tables and Graphs.
Extras4Excel has many special applications for Excel.
Free Excel Templates 
Excel pivot-table-edition

Improve your excel 1000 free tutorials and tips.
Keyboard shortcuts to use with MS Excel
Math Tools materials for many disciplines.
Microsoft Excel Course (2003-Intermediate)
Non-Math Uses of Excel varied applications.

Spreadsheet Formatting Tricks
Using Word and Excel to Produce a Form Letter

Advanced Material

Excel 2003 Advanced from Bookboon
Excel 2007 Advanced: Part I
Excel 2007 Advanced: Part II
Excel 2010 Advanced
Statistic Using Excel 2013 has a good beginners section
Excel forum can help.

Improve your excel has many free Excel tutorials.
Data Pig Technologies Excel Training Flash movies
Digital manipulative  available as movable graphics
Excel Tutors can help.  Use coupon code BBM25 for a 25% discount.
Ozgrid Training Courses has free materials.
The Excel Nexus
is organized into specific categories.
Julian's Macro Tips

Excel Functions/Formulas
My Excel Page has extensive advance material. 
Microsoft Excel Course (2003-Advanced)
Pearson Software Consulting
for Excel and VBA.
MathTool.net has information by subject.
MIStupid has audio Excel tutorials, other software..Excel VBA Examples  also has links to other VBA sites.
Microsoft Office Template Gallery
for students & business people.

David Mc Ritchie
interesting information for many. 
Excel Tips.com is a must for professional users.

The Spreadsheet Page
has tips and an Excel users blog.
Allen Wyatt's Excel Tips has an Index and Search capabilities.
Colo's Excel Junk Room is a place to search for something of interest.
Andrew's Excel Tips has extensive links.
Excel Information on the Web has Excel tips weekly.
String Functions VBA vs. Excel



Excel forum can help.
Excel 2016 for Business is extensive.
Excel 2016 Professional is extensive.
Excel 2013 for Statistics

Excel 2010 for Beginners
Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial, from FunctionX has interesting applications


Improving Quantitative Reports with excel/boar
Learn Analytics Using Excel is free from Duke University
Jaxworks Small Business Spreadsheet Factory
Math Tools Net has free auditing add-ins
How to Show Recessions in Excel Charts

Excel for Statistics Users

Quick Statistics Course Using MicrosoftTMExcel
has free books, videos homework, and tests with solutions.
Excel Statistics loads into Excel
Research Project
Behavioral Science Statistics
Excel 2016 for Business is extensive.
Excel 2016 Professional is extensive.
Excel 2016 Analytics
Excel 2013 for Statistics
Statistic Using Excel 2013\

Video Lectures Using Excel 2007

Learn Analytics Using Excel is free from Duke University

Practice Test Using Excel 
Resample.com box sampler  is free.
Excel Statistics Lab Manual loads into Excel.
Directions For A Sample Research Project.
Basic Statistics In Excel helps find directions for many functions.
Using Microsoft Excel Statistics has hints for good analysis using Excel.
Excel Commands is for those doing statistics using Excel.
Excel For Statistical Data Analysis
from Professor Hossein Arsham.
Statistics Tests with Answers help you prepare for tests.

Study Finance
from A SU
John F. Lacher, CPA financial analysis material.
Solve the Price of a Bond Problem
Solve the Net Present Value and the IRR Problems

Excel Spreadsheets from CPA Matt Evans
Excel Videos statistics, finance tutorials.

Marketing Templates helps with budgets.
Microsoft Excel Templates
Jaxworks  Small Business
Spreadsheet Factory
Marketing Templates

Business and Finance
AnalyzerXL market forecasting
Excel Business Management Spreadsheets

Excel Statistics Lab Manual
Research Project using Excel
Excel for Educators
Classic Menus new version help
Excel User magazine-quality" color reports
asken- data base management using Access
Carol's Corner Office--learn Microsoft Office