Statistics Tests Using Software
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Statistics Using Software  Updated 7/20/18  

Topics Covered

Step 1  Complete Quick Statistics Using Microsoft (TM) Excel
using the  password  aprilblackie to open


Descriptive Statistics          Answers
array, frequency distribution, measures of central tendency, dispersion,
range, skewness, and a Pivot Table (TM) analyzing three variables

Probability                          Answers
binomial and Poisson probability distributions
binomial and Poisson cumulative probability distributions
probability and range of the continuous normal probability distribution
point and interval estimates of the population mean

Hypothesis Testing              Answers
large sample hypothesis testing of one and two sample means
t-test of two independent sample means from populations with equal variances
paired difference t-test for independence
two sample F test for the equality of two variances
one and two factor ANOVA
chi-square test for independence
Sheets 12 and 13 Correlation and Regression
scatter diagram
simple and multiple regression
correlating three variables
testing for the significance of the coefficient of correlation