Donald Trump's attitude is very explicit

"...the new platform reflects Donald Trump’s more skeptical attitude toward trade deals" (Trump has referred to the TPP as a “ rape of our country”). "In threatening a 35 percent tariff on many goods imported from Mexico and a 35 percent tariff on imports from China — and by pledging to punish specific U.S. businesses for behavior he doesn’t approve of — Trump is attempting to assume Hugo Chávez-like powers over global commerce." Source Washington Post  
DT wants to ensure free trade agreements create U.S. jobs, renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA, oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and designate China a currency manipulator. source  

Editor's Note:

"Trade was not just about economics; it was also about geopolitics. Disillusioned with the isolationism that followed World War I, Americans turned internationalist after World War II. The emphasis on trade was not simply to bolster prosperity; it also aimed to bind nations together so they would compete commercially and not resort to war."   Opinions: Trump’s risky nationalism

Problem: To date economists, politicians and other members of society have
not solve a 40 plus years problem.


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