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Test Problems With Solutions

Use Quick Notes Statistics
free lecture notes to learn Statistics.
This is a  concise outline of college Statistics I and II.  A lab set plus Quick Questions, both with complete solutions  provide the homework. The lecture notes and lab set are written as a business case where users see how a college student, Linda Evans, uses statistics to manage Linda's Video Showcase.  Readers can then do statistics for Linda's friend Darin Smith who follows his retailing company Darin's Music Emporium with manufacturing company Future Horizons Corporation. The Quick Questions provide additional problems plus questions to help learn formulas and definitions.

SPSS Directions and Answers  
for doing the Quick's lab set, Quick Questions, and Tests.

SPSS Starter Kit-UCLA

SPSS resources-UCLA

Written Problems

Procedures for Solving a Statistics Problem

Descriptive Statistics                     Answers

Z-test and one-sample t-test 1     Answers
Z-test and one-sample t-test 2     Answers
Independent samples t-test         Answers
Two-way ANOVA with answers

SPSS Statistics Video Lectures

Stages of Critical Thinking and
Problem Solving (Introduction)
Dr. Timothy Placek of Auburn University

Problems Requiring SPSS

T-test practice problems with answers
One-way ANOVA
Correlation &  Regression     

Real-Time Online Database for Hands-on Activities
from Central Michigan University

Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications uses SPSS Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Test Problems requiring SPSS
Multiple Regression    Answers
Chi-Square with answers
Problems provided by
Dr. Tom Pierce, Professor of Psychology,
Radford University

Using SPSS to Understand Research and Data Analysis

Statistics Internet Library has additional Information.

Visual Statistics is for those using SPSS

Test Review Materials
Taxonomy of Statistics
Statistics Formula Reviews
Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics
Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics

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