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Computer Science Podcast Lectures - Harvard University

Audio Lectures
Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business

Software Tutorials from Data Pig Technologies

Sofia Open Content Initiative

Webpage Authoring
Java Programming
Introduction to Macromedia Flash
Creative Typography


Learning Math: Geometry K-8 Annenberg Learner
Larry Green's Applet Page
from Larry Green of Lake Tahoe CC


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Academic Lectures

Business Lectures
Accounting 1 & 2
Accounting, Managerial

Mathematics Lectures
Algebra, Pre
Algebra 1 & 2
Basic Math and Computers
Calculus, 1, 2 & 3

Statistics Lectures
Statistics 101

Behavioral Science Statistics   
Statistic Using Excel
Statistics Using Minitab

Statistics Using SPSS
Statistics Using TI-84

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability K-12
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics

Against All Odds from Annenberg/CPB
 is 26 half-hour lectures on basic statistics.

Chance Videos and Audios
from Dartmouth

Sundry Lectures
College Courses  Lectures

Chemistry, Organic