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1. Whole Numbers  
2. Factions

3. Decimals, Ratios, Rates, Proportions
and Percentages
4. Exponents, Roots, Algebra and Geometry
5. Using Formulas to Solve Problems
6 Multi-Step Word Problems
7. Graphs, Signed Numbers,
Statistics, Probability, Measurement

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Part 2 Factions

Adding Like Fractions 0.49

Subtracting is like adding only you subtract.





Part 4 Exponents, Roots, Algebra and Geometry  

Angles 1 9.55

Angles 2 9.04

Angles 3 9.47



Made Math Easy Polygons (part 2) 9.37

Math Made Easy: Types of Triangles 6.03

Part 6 Multi-Step Word Problems

Whole numbers and decimals

Algebra and Geometry

Problem 1A 2.54

Problem2 2.31

Problem 3A2 3.52

Problem 3B 4.39

Problem4 8.59



Part 7 Graphs, Signed Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Measurement 


Probability Part 2 9.54

Probability Part 3 10.05 or


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