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1. Lecture Notes
Economic Activity
Chapters 1-7
one page each
economics fundamentals
Total Economic Activity
 Chapters 8-14
macroeconomic theory

Affecting Total Economic Activity
 Chapters 15-18
2 p outline of
 monetary and fiscal policy

How Demand, Supply
Affect Profit
Chapters 19-22
one page each

Product and Factor Markets

Chapters 23-29
p each
how competition affect profit, price and quantity

Government, Capitalism and Our Mixed Economy Chapters 30-33
4 p outline

2. Formulas and Special Study Aids

Macroeconomics Overview

Macroeconomics Graph 4 min Video

Macro Formulas 1p Math for Economics Formula Sheet 2p

Test Prep Internet Library

3. Video Lectures
Microeconomic 15 min. Video Review Microeconomics 19 min. Video Review
Macro 1
Economic Activity
Macro 2
Total Economic Activity
Macro 3
Affecting Total Economic Activity
Micro 1
Demand, Supply, Profit
Micro 2
Product and Factor Markets
Micro 3
Negative Externalities

Coase Theorem
4. One-Page Overviews
Macroeconomics Microeconomics

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