War On Terror
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Modern Players

Middle East Basic History

Latest News
Middle East Conflict



How the Longest War in US History Unfolded

 U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900

Terrorism Against the West 1975-2015


Middle East Basic History

A Concise History of Christianity

40 Maps Explain the Middle East

Middle East Facts

The Middle East: the way it is and why

Middle East Conflict in 11 minute video

Iran 20th Century

Iraq 20th Century Iraq

Islamic Fundamentalist

Middle East Conflict


Sunnis/Shiites at War 

War on Terror Cost for Europe

Modern Players
Concise History of Islamic State


Militant Hamas Vs. Moderate Fatah

Afghanistan/Iraq Wars to Forget

Latest News

What the US Should Achieve in Afghanistan 6 min video

America's Post-WWII Foreign Policy

Why Do They Hate Us?

Greater Israel Project Ken O'Keefe

Kenneth O'Keefe

Videos: Conservative Brookings Institution

50 Years: Legacies of the 1967 War 6 short videos

50-years-Legacies-of-the-1967 many short written reports

Podcast: The 1967 War 57 min podcast

min video

 min video  min video

Korea, Afghanistan and the Never Ending War Trap