Election Issues 2016
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Entitlements     Income Stagnates    Poverty     Lack of Good Jobs      Economic Wellbeing      Will Stagnate Income Hurt Our Children?

How Would Experts Redesign US Education?   pdf     
Ten Commandments   pdf      One Plan to Educate the Class of 2034     pdf

Is College Economically Worthwhile?    
Is Financial Aid Welfare?       Meet the author/editor Walter Antoniotti

     Political Controversies
Why is Poverty Controversial?    
Is Income Stagnation Serious?    Criticism of Modern Capitalism    Is Politics About the Money?

 Capitalism/Political Economy Video    How Severe was the Great Recession?    Do People Vote Their Pocketbook?    Should Tea Party Share Its Tea?

Political Junkie Sites
Hardball Podcasts with Chris Matthews    Voter-Matchmaking for Politics    11 Surprisingly Useful Apps for Political Junkies     Voterís Spending guides
Quick Notes One-Page Political Economy
3 Political Eras 1788 to 1892   pdf      2 Political Eras 1896 to 2016   pdf      Era 1 Elections 1778-1824    pdf     Era 4 Elections 1896-1828  pdf   
Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic  
pdf       Capitalism       Political Economy Readings     Capitalistic Democracy Run Government at a Profit      Internet Readings List

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