Do People Vote Their Pocketbook?
Can Greed, Guns, God, and Government be Managed?

Some Do 
SS and Medicare Get 
Much Money for 
High Voting Elderly

Special Notes:
Social Security is not collected by many people  because they die .This group includes a "higher proportions of women, Hispanics, immigrants, the never-married, and the widowed than the beneficiary population; never-beneficiaries are also comparatively less educated."

Science keeps even poor people alive longer, but their debilitating diseases will make them miserable and cost Medicare a fortune.


Some Don't 
Rural States Want
Less Government

Many voters do not have health insurance and do not have savings to fall back on during tough economic times but they have an issues that are so important they give up economic gain of voting their pocketbook.

1) Antiabortionist, 2) NRA Advocates 3) Rural Limited Government Advocates who want a sedimentary life 4) Working Poor who are usually not insured, have no emergency funds, but need to dislike people below them that are gaming the system by collecting welfare. These people don't want handouts. When they or a family member gets sick then they too game the system. Some rationalize their actions as the middle class and the wealthy also game the system.

Editor's Note: Southern European voters-- Italy, Greece, Portages, and Spain insist on voting their pocketbook to the detriment of society. Rich states like Germany and other Northern European states do not want to pay the resulting bill. In contrast, US, rural states do not only not vote their pocketbook; they refuse help like Obamacare coming from more populated states. US rural states easily defeats the European in the not voting pocket though war! Why will soon be answered.

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But Rich States
Help Anyway