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Prelude: 2017 Left Large Economies In Good Shape

Will Trump Tax Cuts Work?

 Inflation Is Back, Is There Going To Be Trouble? 

Stock Market Too High?

U.S. Headed for Recession?   and
Is the next recession around the corner 24 min podcast

Foreign Policy

#1.  2017 Left Large Economies In Good Shape

U.S. GDP is an Energizer Bunny



Great Recession Update



Consumer Debt All Time High


Household Debt Service Very Low

Editors Note: This is why many question the FED's rate hikes.


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Latest Economic News From 2017



Appropriate Foreign Policy

The U.S. vs. China: A Trade War?

he U.S. vs. China: A Trade War (II)?

Specialization and Trade: A Re-introduction to Economics 
A Libertarian View
 concise reexamination of economics, which shows how
 the economy is an evolutionary system, with constantly
changing patterns of specialization and trade.

6 Times Foreign Powers Meddled in Our Elections

Post WW II US Foreign Policy

20th Century U.S. Foreign Policy