Long-Term Economic Question 5
Disposition of Illegal Immigrants?

1. Will Inflation/Growth Tame the Deficit   2. Will Debt End Capitalism?   3. Jobs Loss to AI Growth

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Disposition of Illegal Immigrants

Prelude: 1964 - Bracero Program Ends creating illegal Immigrants "In 1964, Washington cancelled the Bracero program unilaterally
because migrant laborers continued to arrive without papers and outside of negotiated agreements.
Thus began the era of undocumented migration by 'irregular' migrants who worked temporarily under the threat of deportation.
In this phase, laissez-faire attitudes and policies reigned,  though both governments would pay the costs 20 years later." 

Estimated U.S. Illegally Immigrants in Millions Since 1960



Recent Time Lines

1) Number of Immigrants increase and most Americans like the cheap with  no payroll tax labor

2) Democrats begin to see future voters, Republicans see
a change in culture, no one sees the added unskilled labor
supply keeping the minimum wag down.

3) Bush 2 changes Republicans
negative attitude toward illegal immigrants.

4) Eight years of Obama helps immigrants, annoys many Americans.

5) Democrats continuing helping all poor people with little consideration of cost effectiveness.

6) Trump appeals to annoyed Americans.

7) Trumps pushes for an answer.





Historical Timeline History of Legal and Illegal Immigration to the United States

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