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This Counter Cyclical Measure Weaker        Refinancing Costs Going Up          World Trade is Down    

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#5 U.S. Headed for Recession?
Late in Cycle so It's About Liquidity

This Counter Cyclical Measure Weaker

and Anxiety


Refinancing Costs Going Up

Canada will need to refinance about her mortgage in near future

World Trade is Down

Global Output Growth Little Changed in First Quarter

Inflation Counts

Meantime, nobody told investors that trade wars usually are inflationary,
and could cause an increase in the inflation-risk premium on debt.
 The effect could be distorted by a flight to safe and
 liquid assets thanks to deep do do between economic powers, the U.S. and China.
Trade concerns increased in June but
inflation compensation moved slightly lower.



Some are 50-50


John Mauldin Sees Problems

David Rosenberg’s Stormy Outlook

Stormy Outlook for Bonds video

So Does Forbes

Listen To The Bond Markets: A Recession Is Just Round The Corner

FED Model Predictions Still Low


Recession Investment Alternatives

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