Ignore Global Economic Risks at Your Peril

Emerging market economies.
Argentina and Turkey are in the grips of full-blown currency crises fueled by political uncertainty.
Iranian and Venezuelan economies are literally collapsing because of as U.S. sanctions.

Large Economies
United Kingdom, the world’s fifth-largest economy,
could choose a  hard-Brexiter prime minister meaning a hard October United Kingdom exit with all of its disastrous
economic consequences. A parliament forces election would prolong uncertainty.

In Italy, the Euro zone's third-largest economy, the far-right League Party's crushing victory gives
Salvini the upper hand in determining economic policy.
This raises the risk of another round of its sovereign severe debt problems centered on Italy with its world’s third-largest sovereign
bond market.
With an economy in recession, a mountain of public debt mountain and a shaky banking system, Salvini's proposed income tax cut which could undermine Italian bond market confidence.

China, the world's second-largest economy is  in an economic slowing trade war the
US, the world's largest economy.

North Korean and Iran geopolitical tensions

Brazil and Mexico economic mismanagement