American History Anthology
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Preface: Western Civilization Economic History

Part 1 Our Growing Constitution

Part 2 Chronological History of the United States

Part 3 Turning Points: Becoming the United States

Part 4 Presidents

Part 1 Our Growing Constitution
A Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic

2. Building a Constitution  
Governing Requires Constitutional Adjustments
Managing a Constitution
Recent Supreme Court Jurisprudence

6. Readings
7. Book Reports


Part 2 Chronological History of the United States
The Process Continues

Prelude Thirteen American Nations
"Nations with distinct identities and values formed a shaky pact
in hopes of slowly growing into one nation."

Building a Nation
Brave New World

So You Want a Revolution Constitution to Manifest Destiny

Apocalypse  Civil War & Reconstruction

Becoming a World Leader
Growing an Empire: Wild West to WW1

Boom, Bust, Boom: Jazz, Depression, WW2  

New Western Normality Coming?

Protecting a Nation
Hot War, Cold War, 1950's Race Relations

Camelot, Vietnam, and Race Riots   

Evil Empire, Axis of Evil a Century Ends

Part 3 Turning Points: Becoming the United States

The Colonial Period

1.  The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1617  

2. 1619 Began Representative Democracy and Slavery  

3. Religion Freedom Began in 1636  

4. All Immigrates Welcomed By 1654 New Amsterdam  

5. 1676 King Philip's War Began Centuries of Indian Removal 

6. 1735 Zenger Trial Begins  Free Press

Relegiouse freedom Began in 1636

Founding Fathers Religious Beliefs

Luther's American Legacy

Concise History of Christianity

Abortion History

Growing a Democratic Republic

7. 1773 Boston Tea Party Begins a Process  

8. A Hesitant Reluctant 1776 Nation Seeks Freedom   

 9. The French Save the Day

10. 1786 Shays' Tax Rebellion Leads to a Constitution  

12. 1800 Sees First Peaceful Democratic Power Transfer  

13. Marshal Creates a Third Separate Power

15. Who Are We of We the people?

23. Who Protects Unalienable 1866 Rights of Whom? 

25. The 1870's Take Away Unalienable Rights

33. 1930's Government Safety Net Deficits,
Like War Deficits, Attracts Many
42. 1973 Finally Brings Faster Track Civil Rights  

See  Recent Supreme Court Jurisprudence

Growing a Nation

11. A 1789 Brain Drain Begins US Industrial Revolution

14. A Transportation Revolution for a Growing Nation

20. 1846 Mexican War, Expansion Becomes Manifest Destiny

28. 1898 War With Spain- Manifest Destiny Rides Again

Protecting a Divided Nation

22. 1862, Union Civil War Prospects Turn at Antietam 

25. A Bloody 1873 Easter Ends of Reconstruction

27. Haymarket Square Marks an 1887 Labor Setback   

34. 1919 Red Scare Begins International Terrorism


Terror Since 1900 1p

Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p

The Cost of 20th Century Wars 1p

U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900 1p

Most Severe US Recessions 2p

20th Century Decade Evaluation 10p

A Changing People

Changing Culture   

Famous Supreme Court Decisions  

Three Forces Blowing Up Global Politics  

Geopolitics Liberal Democracies in Peril?

Populism in the 21st Century

20th Century U.S. History 1890-2016

20th Century U.S. History Course Materials

Part 4 Presidents

Presidential Book Reports

1. Presidential Courage 

    Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989
M. Beschloss

Building a Nation G. Washington   J. Adams   A. Jackson

A. Lincoln   T. Roosevelt

Guided the World FDR   H. Truman   JFK    R. Reagan

2. Thomas Jefferson
    The Art of Power 2012  J. Meacham

American Dynasty K. Phillips
    Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush

4. Second Chance Z. Brzezinsk
    Three Post Cold War Presidents/Crisis of America Superpower

5. Bush Family Business Oil Dynasty
    Was the Bush Family Trump Without the Rough Edges?


Presidential Politics

Understanding Fake News

Warning 1: Politics-Trump

Why Trump Won  
A Chronology of Our Latest President beginning with the election. 
Follow the Money


On Grand Strategy
the processes, complexities in devising grand strategies
applied to
U.S. Presidents

Origins of Political Order
Political Leader of a Generation, Trump or Putin?

Presidential Politics: Elections and President's Contributions

Rigged Election?
A History of Presidential Candidates Who’ve Made Allegations

1788-1824     1828-1852     1856-1892  

1896-1928       1932-1972     1976-2012        Anthology


American Presidents  

U.S. Colonial Political Leaders  

Modern Analysis of Political Leaders

Political Economy Leaders

Rating U.S. Presidents:

Four Presidential Policies That Are Destroying The Nation  

Military Decisions Adams to Obama

Pass/Fail Analysis of 20th Century Presidents

Historians Judge Our Presidents  


Crimes, Post WW2     

Trumps Trade Troubles  



Historical Observations Applied to 21st Century America

Is Current Dissatisfaction Understandable?