American Nations

Rival Regional Cultures
Struggle to Become One Nations

Struggle Began Immediately

Yankeedom Alliance
Wins After Civil War

New Netherlands Finally
Completes Costal Alliance




Struggle Began Immediately

1790 Began A Clash to control Federal Institutions:
Congress, White House, Courts, Military
The aim was to control America's developing
Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic. They wanted their own  parochial image of an appropriate nation of United States.


This clash between shifting coalitions
was headed by of Two Ethno Regional Nations,
the Deep South vs. Yankeedom.
Each sought alliances with the other similar minded nations. In actuallity, ost other nations would split in the direction of self oterest.

1840 began the most lasting alliance, one between
 the Left Coast and Yankeedom. They hoped  to direct the nations toward their Crusading Utopian Agenda
to be supported by efficient government.



Yankeedom Alliance
Wins After the Civil War

1877 - 1897
These two nations dominated the federal
government with the tacit assistance of their
Civil War Allies in the Midlands and their
colonial minions in the Far West.

A Wall of Tariffs Protected their Infant Industries
at the Expense of Deep South.
Much of the resulting revenue surplus went to finance
Civil War Pensions for the
 Veterans, Widows, and Children of
 Yankeedom, Midlands, and Far West.
Rebels Need Not Apply!

Tidewater and Deep Southern Oligarhical were
limited when
Congress tried to protected poor White and Blacks voters with an1890 Force Bill. It provided federal review  and military intervention in disputed federal elections.
The bill was defeated by Dixie and its occasional ally,
the New Netherland.
Their corrupt Tammany Hall Oligarchs feared their constitutes would be less malleable by the Force Bill.

New Netherlands Finally
Completes Costal Alliance

New Netherlands had an international economy which benefited from low tariffs. With few Civil War veterans, there was little reason to spend political capital on Civil War veterans pensions. Eventually this complex urban center had a need for an effective government to help pay for massive infrastructure. Big, high tax government was their need.
The resulting three nation dominated 21st Century Politics.

Editor's Note: Over time, the political landscape can be divided into rural vs. urban with gerrymandering becoming a refinement in our. Time will tell if the divide can be extended to uneducated vs. educated.