The Why and Who of Trump's Win

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First the Political Parties Morphed Toward Opposing Philosophies

FDR's New Deal began the conservative voter movement  to the Republican Party.
Truman Doctrine  moved more conservatives. Democrats five terms

Eisenhower made many voters feel good about the Republican Party. Republicans two terms

Eastern Elitists image of Kennedy's administration influenced many rural, Western voters .
Great Society  of supposed conservative Democrat Johnson completed movement. Democrats three terms

Second Party Animosity Grew

Nixon's Watergate increased political party animosity. Republican two terms

Carter's Crisis of Confidence" Speech  hurt Democrats one term

Reagan Revolution ended the New Deal era with political parties

Bush found
 People Vote Their Pocketbook when he increased taxes. 
Republicans three terms

Clayton's Monica Lewinsky Scandal
increased Republic animosity. Democrats two terms

Bush 2 wars and deficits reinforced party prejudice substantially increasing animosity.
Republicans two terms

Obama Presidency reinforced party prejudices substantially increasing animosity.
Democrats two terms

Third Politicians Failed

American Income Inequality Perfectly Explained (Mark Blyth Interview) 11 min video

Fourth Trump Won Because it was the Republican's Turn

See 5 Key Psychological Traits About Trump Voters

Trump Won Because of Racial Resentment


The Trump Effect

Professor Mark Blyth on Policy Goals, Trump, and China

Trump Won Most Red Less Dynamism States




Political Issues

Is Politics About the Money?

 Should Tea Party Share Its Debt Tea?   

Why is Poverty Controversial?

Is the Country in Trouble?

Exorbitant Dollar Privilege

The Study shows most Trump states
are becoming even less dynamic.











Two Political Eras
Political Eras One 1788 to 1892   pdf
Political Eras Two 1896 to 2016   pdf

Many Elections
Presidential Elections One 1778-1824
Presidential Elections Two 1828-1852
Presidential Elections Three 1856-1892

Presidential Elections Four 1896-1928

Presidential Elections Five 1932-72
Presidential Elections Six 1976-2012    

Rigged election . . . Sowed-Doubt and Nearly Led to Violence

See Our Democratic Federalist Republic and
 US Election Issues and Historical Demographics from our

U.S. Government and Politics Course US Election

Source US Political Economy Handbook


 What Voters Wants

Economy and terrorism are top issues for voters in 2016

What Trump's Constituents Want

Why People Vote-for-Donald Trump

‘I don’t want the Clinton legacy continued in the White House’

‘He knows how to make deals, deals that will make America prosperous again’

‘I want conservative laws’

‘Trump is exactly what you get, with Hillary you can’t know what’s real’

‘Obama has put a wedge between the people of this country’

‘Under Trump the American dream is revived’

Health Care Changes


Congress Will Not Renew CHIP This Year1

CHIP covers about 12 percent of the nation’s children.

See 3 key-things-to-know-about-chip


Latest On Support For Workers

Many Supporters Not Working

Overtime Pay Could Be Increased

Editor's Note: I believe this legislation has stalled.

Less Regulation Might Help

Editor's Question Will this Lowers Cost go to Profits, Wages, Both           

Significant Regulations Completed by Presidential Year graph

Number of Economically Significant Regulations Completed by Presidential Year graph




Source trump-had-fewer-deportations-than-Obama's-first-year

Editor's Question Are there many illegal immigrant workers in the hospitality business?




Disruptions to NAFTA Agricultural Trade Could Especially Hurt Trump-Voting States


Prelude Editor's Note: Trump attacked 1, 2, and 4 so we will see if managers were correct.
It will take about 1% GDP growth to pay for the tax cut and another
15 to trickle to his constitutes who want more job opportunities.
Why Markets Love Trump's-tax Cuts

Infographic: What's Standing in the Way of Doing Business in the USA? | Statista


Is President Trump's Tax Cut the Largest in History Yet?

Note: Most of the 2013 Obama cit came when the Bush 2 cuts scheduled to reverse were continued.




Final GOP Tax Bill Pays for Permanent Corporate Tax Cuts With Individual Tax Increases


Current Tax Savings

Trump Estimated Income Tax Savings
In Ten Years Individual Taxes Rates Increase


Editor's Note: If the Economy does well, rates will stay low.
As long as the rest of the world works hard, sell us high quality goods at a reasonable price,
and loans us their profits to buy sais goods at a reasonable interest rate,
not much will change for most Americans.


Latest News


Balanced View FEBRUARY 21, 2018

Women lose $4.6 billion if administration’s ‘tip stealing’ rule finalized 1/16/18
See Pennsylvania takes the lead protecting overtime 1/18/18 Editor's Note: Being a
Democratic Federalist Capitalistic Republic
, states can counter federal actions or inactions on many issues.
US slaps 'America First' tariffs on washing machines and solar panels
Judge Supports Child Dreamers 1/16/18

7 Successes and ‘Incompletes’ for Trump’s First Full Year 1/18/181) Trump Stock Bonus’
2) Enforcing Immigration Laws

10  Worst Ways President Trmp and Congress have betrayed working Americans

How Trump and Congress further rigged the economy in favor of the wealthy bJosh BivensDaniel CostaCeline McNicholasHeidi Shierholz, and Marni von Wilpert • 1/12/18
1) Enacting tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor the wealthy over the average worker

2) Taking billions out of workers’ pockets by weakening or abandoning regulations that protect their pay See

Trump abandoned Labor Departments's overtime pay regulations to cost workers $1.2 billion per year.

3) Blocking worker access to the courts by allowing mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts

10) Undercutting key worker protection agencies by nominating anti-worker leaders

3. Judicial appointments: Trump has staffed the judiciary with constitutionalists such as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. 
4) Making VA a Meritocracy
5-7 visit

Tax cut should extend the six plus year recovery from the Great Recession
Editor's Note: Higher Economic Growth rate to negate the drop in. revenue expected would help solve the problem that Recent War/Recession Debt has not been negated by economic growth and inflation. Also is it too early to help the economy during Trump's reelection bid.
Congress let CHIP’s funding expire 102 days ago... Editor's Note:
Being a Democratic Federalist Capitalistic Republic
, states can counter federal actions or inactions on many issues. Maryland grants access to paid sick days to 700,000 workers and their families1/12/18
Democrats agreed to support a short-term spending bill that funds the government through February 8 and reauthorizes the Children’s Health Care Program for six years in exchange for continued negotiations on immigration and budget issues.
Deregulation: Trump has cut 67 Obama-era regulations and added only three new rules. The rollback on regulations has spurred business confidence, economic activity and stock market growth. Trump said the actions have saved $8.1 billion in lifetime net regulatory costs
Trump loves farmers but keeps them guessing on NAFTA strategy

The trade-ravaged areas that voted for Trump have the most to lose from Trump’s anti-trade agenda 11/16/17
Editor's Note
Trump softens NAFTA rhetoric 1/15/18

Unbiased [If Possible] Year One Grades

Grading President Trump's First Year in Office: B!

The Senate Just Voted To Protect Banks From Class-Action Lawsuits 10/25/17

Editor's Note: States that did not tens to be poorer red states. 12/21/17

Trump Targets Obama Rule On Workers’ Tips LYDIA WHEELER
as of 1/19/18 this had npt passed.
News That Needs to be substantiated as data from travel people.

Less Ruegulation

BUSINESS JAN 23 2018, 3:59 PM ET Tourism to U.S. under Trump is down, costing $4.6B and 40,000 jobs

The major difference between the high-cost and low-cost estimates is the increased revenues from immigration. 

Consumer Protection Agency Drops High-Cost Lender Investigation 1/23/18



Food for Thought

Trump could of said we want college graduates as immigrants.

Instead he said we don't want people from area x and not Y where
x was pure white and x not so much.

Does he do this on purpose. Why?












usa-trade-tariffs/job-creator-or-job-killer-trump-angers-solar-installers-with-panel- Needs to be watched.


Given the four or five remaining candidates, voters should do one of the following.

Vote D.T. if you want to maximize the maximum as his somewhat logical attitude toward The Middle East, Education and the Wellbeing of the American Middle Class if correct could make a big difference.

Vote H.C, to maximize the minimum as she won’t change much and in spite of the rhetoric, the country is doing fine provided you ignore people like those in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma  who are afraid the Atlantic hurricane season could severely affect their life in the Sooner or Later state as Danger lurks everywhere.

Vote H.C again if you want to minimize the maximum regret. Why?  If DT is wrong  the Ted Cruz requirement that everyone be Christian because of the coming apocalypse could be correct. The result would be D cubed or Deep Do Do for non-STEM people.