Do People Vote Their Pocketbook?

And the Answer Is?

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Do People Vote Their Pocketbook?

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Some Do 
SS and Medicare Get All The Money
 for the High Voting Elderly

Special Notes: Many poor people don't collect Social Security because they die and while science will keep even poor people alive longer, their  debilitating diseases will make them miserable and cost Medicare a fortune.

Some Don't 
 Voters Want Less Government

Many poor rural voters do not have insurance but they have
issues that are so important they give up economic gain.

1) Antiabortionist   
2) NRA advocates
3) Rural limited government advocates who want a sedimentary life 4) Working poor, usually not insured, need to dislike the lowlifes below them that are gaming the system by collecting welfare. These people don't want a handout until they or someone they know gets sick and     then they too game the system. These working poor often do not mind     that the upper middle class and rich game the system the most because the top is something to strive toward.
5. People who need to feel good about what they have accomplished     often despise those on the bottom. Some climbed the latter, others work for daddy.  
6. Some understand that the Social Security retirement plan is very progressive and has many other programs to help those in financial stress. For people in the bottom fifth of the earnings
distribution, the ratio of benefits to taxes is almost three times as high as it is for those in the top. They want their freedom and free cake at the same time.



Southern European states-- Italy, Greece, Portages, and Spain insist on voting their pocketbook to the detriment of society. Rich states--Germany and other northern European states do not want to pay the bill.

In contrast US, southern states do not only not vote their pocketbook; they refuse help like Obamacare coming from the north. US south easily defeats the European south in the economic stupidity war!

And the Answer Is?

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