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Turning Points in American History

Lecture Notes Audio from Professor Edward T. O'Donnell Ph.D.  College of the Holy Cross

A Turning Point is when a society takes a new historically significant trajectory creating a new historical reality. It may be marked by the success of a social movement, the result of a decisive battle, the emergence of a new technology and the establishment of a new ideal. The impact may be immediate or develop of time.

Repeating Historical Themes include surprises, physical/mental conflict, actions of the mighty or the many, opportunity from crisis, multiple causes, and choices.
Editors Note
: These very brief written do little justice to the fascinating lectures available through The Great Courses. Consider using them for an Internet research/writing assignment. Return to The Early Colonial Period

Part 3 Growing a Nation

21) 1862 Go West, Young Man! The Homestead Act  
1872 Open Spaces—The National Parks   
) 1903 Second Transportation Revolution
32) 1909 The Scourge of the South Expands Government  
Vote for Women





4. A Changing Culture
1845 The Ultimate American Game—Baseball
1821 The Second Great Awakening- people are reborn
1831 Abolition, a Righteous Crusade
1873 Colfax Massacre ends reconstruction
1876 How the West Was Won and Lost—Custer
1900 The Great Migration to the Promised Land
1901 That Damned Cowboy! Theodore Roosevelt
1945 The Land of Lawns
1950 Birth of TV
1960 Power to Choose the Pill
1975 Personal Computers Bring a Digital Age
5. Protecting America

1919 Strikes, bombs and a Red Scare
1939 Eisenstein's Letter on a Bomb
1948 Berlin Airlift
1969 A Disaster Creates Environmentalism
1989 Russia's Collapse End of Cold War
2001 US Age of Terror Begins
6. Battles That Changed History

1862 Terrible reality of Antietam
1942 Battle of Midway
1968 Tet offensive Loses Vietnam