Preludes 6/10/19
Geopolitics of 20th Century Wars
Post WW 2 International Economic Competitive Adjustments

1. Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism

2. U.S. Russia, China, Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies
Rivals Play by the Same Rules, Adversaries Have No Rules, Enemies Fight

3. Understanding China

4. China's Trade Position

5. 21st Century Geopolitical Options
success requires implementation of a Grand Strategy

6. Trade War Updates

7. GZERO Worldwide Threat Assessment

Thanks to Experts providing knowledge for our editor.

1. Experts: Mark Blyth
, Adam Tooze, Francis Fukuyama, Steve LeVine, Samir Gandesha, Michael Sandel  2/18/19

2. Experts: Kevin Rudd, Ian Bremmer, Jeffrey Tayler 

4. Experts  James Overholt Bloomberg

E3. Experts: Kevin Rudd,  W. Overholt