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Literature Sites
American Authors on the Web
American Literature, Perspectives in info on authors, periods and genres
American Poets, The Academy of  has info on authors, poetry, analysis.
Banned Books On-Line
Controversial and Banned Books
English and American Literature, The Cambridge History Encyclopedia of
English Zone, The   has resources high school student resources
Fable, Bartleby The Age of
Great Books Online, Bartleby
Literature Resources authors, literary periods, genres, specific books,etc.
Nobel e-Museumm has Prize-winning author.
Shakespeare and the Internet, Mr. William
Shakespeare, All
Shakespeare. com
Shakespeare Net Literature Sites
Short Stories, East of the Web
Help With Analyzing Novels
Book Notes
Grade Saver
Free Book Notes
Jeff Notes
Monkey Notes
Novel Guide
Novel Notes

Descriptive Writing Links
General Graphic Organizers, General
Graphic Organizers, Specific
Writing Process for Elementary Students
Writing Process for Secondary Students

Literature from Collections
Free Online Books Internet Library

Internet Public Library

Jane Austen s Writings
John Milton s A Maske or Comus
Litrix Reading Room
Literature Network, The

Medieval & Classical
On-line Books Page, The

Poetry Archives, The
Project Gutenberg, Bartleby

Religious Studies

Writing Assistance
ABC's of the Writing Process
Business Letter Punch

Dartmouth Writing Program for Students, Faculty, and Tutor Training
Dr. Grammar Your Rx for writing ills
Essay Punch
Essay Wizard The Five Paragraph
Grammar Connection, English is an interactive site.
Paragraph Punch An interactive guide that takes users through each step of writing a paragraph
Research Paper Internet Libraryr  
Writing Research Papers
A step-by-step list!