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1. Quick's Economics Notes with Links

Two-page lecture notes are Quickly.

Updated Links and class discussion
question explore current issues.

Questions for homework explore
key economic concepts.

Complete solutions  to all questions

Traditional Online Textbooks

2. Macroeconomics

3. Microeconomics

4. Economics Theory Through Applications

5. Economic Analysis, Introduction to requires calculus

6. Other Free Economics Textbooks


Textbooks Supplements

1. Quick Notes Economic Reviews 

2. Economics 1 & 2 Video Lectures

3. Economic Classics

4. Capitalism and Political Economy Videos

5. Page One Economics St Louis Federal Reserve

6. Post WW 2 Global Economic Adjustments

7. Post WW 2 US Economic Adjustments

8. Political Economy Fake News
    Quantitative Misrepresentations from Some
    Media, Economist, Politicians

National Debt is a Catastrophe
Wages Continue to Stagnate
    3. Income Stagnation Continues


8. New: Liberal Democracy in Peril?

Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism
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Thanks to Experts: Mark Blyth, Adam Tooze, Francis Fukuyama
Steve LeVine, Samir Gandesha
, Michael Sandel, Peter_Zeihan

1. Post WW 2 Economic Adjustments

2. Neoliberal's Caused Financial Collapse

3. Democracy Failures Caused Latest Popularism

4. Understanding Right and Left Populism

5. Populism is a Reset Mechanism

6. Creating a New Geopolitical Order

7. Foreign Policy Options for the 21st Century

Postscript Russia, China, U. S. Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies

B. Key Participants

1. U.S. Russia, China: Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies
Kevin Rudd, Ian Bremmer, Jeffrey Tayler

Trump's New Political Era?

Discussion Questions Middle Class Concern

1. Do Economist Contribute to Fake News #6

What Caused Income Inequality?

Is Safety Net Appropriate?

Treated Fairly?

Is Capitalism to Blame for Middle-Class Plight?

Capitalism/Good Management Lowered Wages?

Discussion Questions What Happened to US Economy

Wage Stagnation Causes

Wage Stagnation Solutions

World Changed, Good Jobs Gone

US Economic Normality 1945-2015  p 2

Post WW2 International Competitive Adjustment

Great Recession 3 p& 1 p

Rights and Wrongs of the Dismal Science Video

Economics Exposed 


Course Supplements

Math Review short basic dynamic math skills
R. Larry Reynolds of Boise State.

Two Math for Economics Formula Sheets (PDF)

Review Videos

AP Macroeconomics Review -
Graph You
Need For The Exam!

AP Macro Graphing Review 2 


Test Questions With Answers

Quick Steps for Passing a Test

Amos Web Practice Test

AP Test Page

Latest Economic News

Long Term Economic Question 1

Modern Western Civilization Economic History

Economic Classics from 1984 to The Worldly Philosophers

Economics Rules: The Rights and Wrongs of the Dismal Science

Economic Review Materials

Recent Quick Notes Studies

Related  Economics Sites

Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy - W Mosler

Lecture from W. Moster 62 min video

Video Interview  7.21

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Suggested Research Project
Economic Need Caused Current Rise in Populism

Relevant Information

New: Liberal Democracy in Peril?

Post WW 2 Global Economic Growth Competitive Adjustments and the Rise of Populism

Post WW 2 Economic Chronology

Neo Liberal Economist Caused Financial Collapse

Democracy Failures Caused Latest Popularism

Understanding Left Right Populism

Populism is the Rise

Trump's New Political Era?

Other Topics

Fake News

Students Personal Finance

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U.S. Economic History

History of Economic Though Videos
Modern Western Civilization Economic History

Building Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic
U.S. Economic History

20th Century
Economic History 1900-2007
20th Century Decade Evaluation

US Economic Normality 1945-2015
Rising Income  
Foreign Competition Caused 1970's Wage Stagnation  
1980's  Manufacturing Fall Brings Less Regulation  
Financial Bailouts and Economic Recovery
Poverty Stuck at 15%    
Profit Growth  Up, Wage Growth Down    
Wellbeing Growth Continue

Cycle Analysis
International Competitive Normality Adjustments
World Changed, Good Jobs Gone  
Severe Recessions
Great Recession 
Great Recession Historical Perspective

Dollar Privilege

U.S. Banking History
Exorbitant Dollar Privilege  
Positive Dollar Privilege Prediction

Macro Topics

Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p
20th Century Decade Evaluation 10p

American Unions
Economic Growth   
Cost of Wars
American Unions

Historical Topics
1786 Shays Tax Rebellion Leads to a Constitution
Teddy Roosevelt Takes on the RR Trusts
1930s Government Safety Net Deficits,
Like War, Deficits, Prove Attractive

Boom, Bust, Boom: Jazz, Depression, Hiroshima

Look Out the Window Economics
Economics Exposed

Controversial Questions  
Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?   
Is U.S. Free Enterprise Working?  
Will Inflation/Growth Solve Deficit Problem?   
Will Debt Bring Down US Capitalism?
Blame Capitalism for Middle-Class Plight?  
Is Everyone is on Welfare?  
Is Financial Aid Welfare?    
Is College Tuition Not Going Up Rapidly?  

U.S. Political Economy

A Very Brief Political History of the United States

Western Civilization Economic History
US Constitution
Building America's Constitution    
Constitutional History

U.S. Politics
Political Eras 1788-2016     
A Very Brief History of Elections   
20th Century American Education

US Political Eras
Political Eras One 1788 to 1892   pdf
Political Eras Two 1896 to 2016   pdf

Presidential Elections One 1778-1824   pdf
Presidential Elections Two 1828-1852      
Presidential Elections Three 1856-1892       
Presidential Elections Four 1896-1928   pdf
Presidential Elections Five 1932-72   pdf  
Presidential Elections Six 1976-2012   pdf 

Political Economy Videos
History of Economic Thought Video
History of Economics Progress 4 min video

U.S. Political Economy Textbooks
US Political Economy Basics
U.S. Political Economy Handbook
U.S. Political Economy
US Government and Politics
Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic

Political Economy
Course Materials
Book Summaries
Presidential Courage   
Thomas Jefferson 
American Dynasty

Book Summaries Collection  

Courses Materials

Political Economy 101   
Government and Politics 101

US Political Economy Evolution
Political Economy One-Page Studies

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 Career Information
Choosing a College and Major
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