U.S. Political Economic History

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Prelude: Political Economy Basics


Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic



Presidential Elections


U.S. Political Era
1788 to 1892
1896 to 2016 

Rigged? Past Election
 Sowed-Doubt and
Nearly Led to Violence



 Building America's Democratic
Federalist Capitalistic Republic

The Early Colonial Period

"We the People"
determines Political Power

Increasing We" of "We the People"

Thomas Jefferson
 Leader of the Opposition

Building a Constitutional

Capitalistic Democracy
Profitable Government


Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders
Changed America 1789-1989
By Michael Beschloss

G. Washington
created Executive Privilege
See George Washington 
Do You Want a Revolution? 
The Revolution 1774-76  

J. Adams
avoided War with France

which cost him reelection.

See John Adams
Leader of the Opposition
The Master of Monticello  

A. Jackson
 took on Eastern Oligarchs
 to serve rural America.
See Andrew Jackson  
Constitution to Manifest Destiny

A. Lincoln
required freeing the slaves
to save the Union.

See Abraham Lincoln

T. Roosevelt
took on monopoly trusts
to protect, farms, consumers
See T. Roosevelt,
TR Continues Manifest Destiny
War With Spain,

unpopular war planning
elected for terms 3 and 4
See F. Roosevelt
 Great Depression
 Safety Net Deficits

 quickly recognize Israel
with pressure from all sides
See H. Truman
First Cold War President

 pushed school integration
despite political pressures.
See John F. Kennedy
JFK Avoids Vietnam

  hastened end of Cold War
with massive deficit spending.
See Ronald Reagan
Ends an Evil Empire
  Federal Deficit Increases.

Political Economy Summaries



Post WW2 History

U.S. Normality Changes
7 Competitive Adjustments

Rising Income

Increased Foreign Competition
Began 1970's Wage Stagnation

1980's Less Financial Regulation,
 Slow Wage Growth

U.S. Financial Bailouts and
Economic Recovery

Poverty Stuck at 15% Since 1984

Profit Growth Beats Wage Growth
 in New Century

Wellbeing Continuing Growing


Specific Topics

History of U.S. Economic Growth 1p
Brief History of U S Banking Problems 3p
Brief History of American Unions
U.S. Economic History Since 1900
20th Century Decade Evaluation 10p
Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p
The Cost of 20th Centur
Great Recession 1p or  3p
Wage Growth Analysis 1p under construction
International Economic Competitive Adjustment
and the New Normal

y Wars 1p
Most Severe Recessions 2p
Political Economy Book Summaries  >1 p each