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Nine Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989
 By Michael Beschloss  

summarized by
W. Antoniotti 8/18/16     

Part 1 Building a Nation Part 2 Guiding the World
G. Washington made voters unhappy with the Jay Treaty and Taxes
See Do You Want a Revolution? and The Revolution 1774-76

FDR took an unpopular stance by planning for war but still reelected.
Great Depression was FDR first major problem then WW2
Safety Net Deficits like war deficits prove attractive
J. Adams avoided a Quasi-War with France  which cost him reelection.
See The Master of Monticello 1809 to the End and The Leader of the Opposition
H. Truman made tough decisions like quickly  in the face of pressure from all sides.
HT becomes our first Cold War President
A. Jackson took on eastern bankers  to serve rural America.
From a Constitution to Manifest Destiny
JFK continued to push school integration despite potential political opposition.
See JFK Avoids Vietnam, and 1973 Finally Brings Faster Track Civil Rights
A. Lincoln required freeing the slaves  as a condition of saving the Union.
Apocalypse To Civil War and Reconstruction
A Divided Nation from the 1862 Battle of Antietam
R. Reagan hastened the end of the Cold War with massive deficit spending.
RR Closes an Evil Empire and Federal Deficit increases used to hasten the fall of USSR a re still feared by many.
T. Roosevelt took on corporate RR trusts for consumers and farmers.
 TR Continues Manifest Destiny and War With Spain mean Manifest Destiny Rides again.

Other Stuff U.S. Political Economy
US Economic Normality 1945-2015,   Page 2,
World Changed and Good Jobs Disappeared


Presidential Election History

1. Political Eras 1788 to 1892   pdf
2. Political Eras 1896 to 2016   pdf

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Lack of Good Jobs
Economic Wellbeing 
Will Stagnate Income Hurt Children?

How Would Experts Redesign US Education?  pdf

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Is College Economically Worthwhile?

Is Financial Aid Welfare?      

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Income Inequality Analysis and Cures

Why is Poverty Controversial?
Is Income Stagnation Serious?   
Criticism of Modern Capitalism
Is Politics About the Money? Capitalism/Political Economy Video    
How Severe was the Great Recession?
Do People Vote Their Pocketbook?   

Should Tea Party Share Its Tea?

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10 Best and Worst Presidents Rant Political
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Capitalistic Democracy government at a profit
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1. Presidential Elections 1778-1824  pdf
2. Presidential Elections 1828-1852   
3. Presidential Elections 1856-1892       

4. Presidential Elections 1896-1928  pdf
5. Presidential Elections 1932-72  pdf  
6. Presidential Elections 1976-2012  

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U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900

Turning Points in American History
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1  From the 2007 first edition
2. Table, column and row titles, and name abbreviations are by Walter Antoniotti

3. Editor's addition  4. Editor's Note: Washington's fears of political parties were avoided as US Undergoes the First Peaceful 1800Transfer of a Democratic System from Turning Points in American History