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The Accounting Cycle A Debit and Credit Approach is concise.
Video Lectures for Accounting I and II explore Debits and Credits
Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators is concise.
Free Business Books
Managerial Accounting Notes

Macroeconomics and Microeconomics Notes
Bucknall's Free Economics Notes from Britain
"MBA Lectures in Macroeconomics from NYU Professor N. Roubini
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
Essential Principles of Economics
Cyber Economics from Dr. R. Schenk of Saint Joseph College.
Understanding the World Economy from NYU Professor N. Roubini

Principles of  Management Notes
Introduction to Management

Key Aspects of Management
Operation Management Lecture Notes
Managerial Accounting Books and Notes

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Introduction to Marketing
All About Marketing
Marketing information & communication technology 


Quick Notes Statistics
 is a concise outline with many problems. 

Probability and Statistics Class Notes is for those with a knowledge of calculus.

Stat Notes: Online Textbook 

Statistic with Excel  Minitab  SPSS  TI-84

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Free Prerequisite Courses in Accounting, Economics, H.S. Math, and Statistics 

Internet Business Textbooks

Business  e-books is applications oriented.

MIT World Lecture Series has these and other hour plus videos.  Special Interest Sites
Free Calculator Tutorials for Time Value of Money Concepts  

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge 

MBA Resources, B School notes  has concise notes on basic subjects.


FastWeb: Scholarships, Financial Aid and Colleges

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Accounting for Managers

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Math and IT 

Project Management  

Research Methods   

Research Paper 


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Time Value of Money    

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2016 Election Issues
Executive Summary

Country Economic Issues
Solving the Deficit Problem 
won't be easy.  

Can We Afford Entitlements
Existing? Additional?  
Solving the Lack of Good Jobs
affects many

Income Inequality
Analysis, Affect on Growth, Cures
Income Stagnates

is a serious complicated issue

Individual Econ. Issues

Economic Wellbeing
concerns everyone.

Economic Future of Children
requires attention.
Are Child & Youth Protected
bothers many.

Avoiding Income Stagnation  
requires individual investigation

International Issues
Lost International Greatness  

Lost Economic Greatness
Free Trade Solution or Problem

Political Issues
Our Democratic Federalist Republic?Should Tea Party Share Its Tea? 
Is Politics About the Money? 
Why is Poverty Controversial?