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Financial Accounting Practice Sets Using Software
Please   Updated 9/29/17


Linda's Video Showcase is lengthy introduction to accounting for a merchandising company.


  1. Linda's Video Showcase is lengthy introduction to accounting for a 
      merchandising company. Linda has decided to convert to your software 
      as of January 1 of the current year. Be sure your tax tables has the current year. 
      If not, use the latest year you have tax tables for as the dates for this practice set.

  2. Enter the following information in the appropriate section of your software.  
      Peachtree Accounting calls it setting up a new company.
Linda's Video 
      Showcase is a sole proprietorship. It is a video rental company using accrual
      accounting system with real-time posting.  company with a Federal Tax 
      ID Number of 222222222. It uses an accrual accounting system with real-
      time posting.  The conversion will begin on January 1 of the current year.
  3. Customer Defaults
      Credit limits will be $50,000, finance charges of 18% on balances up to $10,000
      and 21%, and interest will be charged on finance charges.
  4. Accept defaults for statements and invoices.
  5. Vendor defaults
      Credit limits will be $50,000, aging defaults and vendor defaults will be accepted.

  6. Accept inventory defaults.
  7. Accept payroll defaults with a state unemployment tax of 4.5%.
8. Use the Trial Balance to set up beginning balances.
Use Tables A and B  to create customer accounts and outstanding invoices.
. Use Tables C and D  to create Vendor accounts and outstanding invoices.
Use Tables E and F to create inventory accounts, employee accounts, and their balances.
The following tables contain three months of information. You will be reminded to record all
transactions for a month (page 24 of the paper version and table L in this internet version) 
before going on the the next month.

Use Tables G to record credit sales with a standard invoice.
Use Tables H to record receipts and applying them to outstanding invoices and cash sales.
Use Tables I to record the purchase of an asset or an expense with a purchase order.
12. After recording February purchases, Linda checked her cash balances and decided to 
     pay all outstanding invoices.
Use Tables J to record paying for an asset or expense without an existing vendor invoice.
Use Tables K to record payroll.
Use Tables  L to record adjusting entries.
16. Answers for January
17. Answers for February and March

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