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I Accounting Basics

II Accounting Transactions

III Measuring Income

IV Financial Reporting

V Merchandising

VI Inventory

VII Cash and Receivables

VIII Long-Term Assets

IX Liabilities

X Present Value

XI Contributed Capital

XII Corporate Income Statement

XIII Cash Flow

XIV Financial Performance

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XV Managerial Accounting 1

XVI Managerial Accounting 2

Advanced Accounting

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I Accounting Basics
1-Where did Accounting Come From?
2-Accounting Equation
5-Stockholders Equity
6-Expanded Accounting Equation
7-Financial Statements



II Accounting Transactions
1-Resources, Events, & Agents
2-Accounting Cycle
3-Asset & SHE Dr & Cr
4-Liabilities Dr & Cr
5-Revenue Dr & Cr
6-Expenses DR & Cr
7- Journal Entries 1    
8-Journal Entries 2

9-Asset Anatomy
10-Account Anatomy       
III Measuring Income
1-Accounting Cycle
2-Adjusting Journal Entrees Assets & Exp.
3-Adjusting JE Liabilities&Revenue
4-Adjusting JE Accruals
5-Adjusted T.B. & Financial Statements
6-Adjusted TB & Closing Journal Entries
7-Closing Journal Entries
8-T Anatomy and Cash
IV Financial Reporting
2-Classified BS
3-Multistep IS
4-Liquidity Ratios
5-Profit&Solvency Ratios
6-Accounting Conventions


Part V Merchandising
1 Retail Accounts
2 Sales Periodic & Perpetual Inventory
3 Purchases Periodic
4 Purchases Perpetual Inventory
5 In come Statement Perpetual Inventory
6 Income Statement Periodic Inventory
Part VI Inventory
1 Periodic FIFO
2 Periodic LIFO
3 Periodic FIFO LIFO Recap
4 Periodic AVERAGE
5 Perpetual FIFO
6 Perpetual LIFO
7 Gross Margin Method
8 Estimates Retail Method

VII Cash & Receivables 
1 Overview
2 Bank Reconciliation
3 Accounts Receivable
4 Uncollectible Accounts
5 Notes Receivable

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VIII Long-Term Assets
1 Long-lived Assets
2 Buy & Lump-sum Purchase
3 Straight line Depreciation
4 Units of Production Depreciation
5 Declining Balance Depreciation
6 Disposal-Trash, Donation, Sold at Book
7 Disposal by Sale or Trade-in

IX Liabilities

X Present Value

Video 1    


Video 2




XI Contributed Capital
1 Corporations
2 Startup and Organization Costs
3 Stockholders Equity format
4 Sell Stock for Cash
5 Sell Stock Finance Building
6 Stock Options
7 Cash Dividends
8 Dividend Declared
9 Treasury Stock
10 Ratios
XII Corporate Income Statement
1 Stock Dividends
2 Stock Splits
3 Deferred Taxes
4Tax Computation
6 Stockholders Equity
7 EPS & Book Value



XIII Cash Flow

1 Statement of Cash Flows Format
2 Operating Activates
3 Investing Activates-Investments
4 Investing Activates-Plant Assets
5 Financing Activates
6 Example-operating
7 Example-Investing
8 Example-financing
9 Ratios

XIV Financial Performance

1 Overview
2 Horizontal Analysis  
3 Vertical Analysis
4 Liquidity Ratios
5 Liquidity Ratios AR
6 Liquidity Ratios Inv
7 Liquidity Ratios AP
8 Profitability Ratios
9 Solvency Ratios
10 Cash Flow Ratios
11 Market Strength Ratios
XV Managerial Accounting
Cost Behavior -1 Overview
2 Cost Behavior Types
3 Estimating Costs
4 High Low Example E4
5 High Low Example P5

6 CVP Income Statement

7 CVP Example E8

8 Sales Mix Example E10


XVI Managerial Accounting 2 
Cost Behavior -1 Overview
2 Cost Behavior Types
3 Estimating Costs
4 High Low Example E4  
5-High Low Example P5
6 CVP Income Statement
7 CVP Example E8
8 Sales Mix Example E10

Managerial Accounting 3

Perform Mgt & Eval 1 Overview
Perform Mgt & Eval - 2 Balanced Scorecard
Perform Mgmt & Eval 3 Responsibility Accounting

Perform Mgt & Eval - 4 Flexible Budgets
Perform Mgt &Eval 5 ROI
Perform Mgt & Eval 6 - PM &AT
Perform Mgt &Eval 7 - Residual Income
Perform Mgt & Eval 8EVA

Video Lectures on the Time Value of Money

For More Comprehensive collection of Managerial Accounting Videos visit our 
Managerial Accounting Videos

Standard Costing 1 - Overview
2 Material Variances
3 Labor Variances
4 Variable Overhead Variances
5 Fixed Overhead Variances
6 Recap Variances

Budgeting Process -1 Overview
2 Sales P6
3 Production P6
4 Material Purchases P6
5 Direct Labor P6  
6 Overhead P6
7 SAG Expenses P6  
9 IS P6
10 Cash Budgets E13


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