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Interesting Accounting Sites

Accounting Students is the place to start.
Accounting has information for teachers and students.
Accounting Majors has scholarship, internship, and more.
AccountingWEB has a wide variety of accounting information.

Management And Accounting Web provides user assistance. 
Smart Pros info for accounting students and professionals.
Tax, Accounting and Payroll Sites Directory


Links To Accounting Organizations

American Accounting Association
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
America Women Society of  CPA's
Association of Chartered Accountants in the United States

Bata Alpha Psi

Financial Accounting Standard Board

Government Accounting Standards Board
Government Accounting Office  

Institute of Management Accountants


National Society of Accountants

Accounting Professors Who Blog
from David Albrecht of the blog The Summa.

accountingonion USA from retired Thunderbird professor Tom Selling.

Andy’s Teaching and Learning Blog (USA) - tenured instructor and department chair

Prem Sikka (UK)- Accounting professor at University of Essex blogs at The Guardian

Robert Jensen | The Summa Opinionated! Eye-opening! commentary!

Professor Elam (USA)- University of North Texas at Dallas professor Dennis Elam blogs on every day events from the world of business, linking them to the classroom.

Really Engaging Accounting (USA)- Central Florida accounting professor Steve Hornik.

The Summa (USA)- commentary on Financial Reporting and related matters by D. Albrecht.

Tick Marks (USA)- an Austin Peay tax accounting professor, Dan Meyer, that has blogged continuously since 2005. When blogging about accounting, his posts focus on tax (surprise, surprise, surprise) and personal finance. He also blogs about accounting students."
Crib Notes
1. Understanding Journal Entries   
2. Remembering Debits and Credits Tricks Video
3. Debits and Credits
4. Accounting Cycle  
Time Value of Money and Example

6. One Page Accounting
Practice Sets 
with complete solutionswith answers
Supplements   Accounting 1 and 2 Video Lectures Accounting 1 and 2 Class Notes
Testing Help
  Quick Steps for Passing an Accounting Test
AP, SAT Test Prep strategy
Practice with Answers
Test Problems   Multiple Choice Questions

Accounting Blogs

Accounting Ethics from Art Berkowitz
Accounting Practice Business Development
CPA Blog
CPA Desk
In Search of Perfect Client Service :: Patrick Lamb
Professor A's  Accounting Blog

Tick Marks

The Best Accounting Blogs of 2016 - Fit Small Business
The Top Seven Accounting Blogs of 2015 - Outstanding Colleges
Top Accounting Blogs - Build Your Numbers
50 Accounting Blogs You Should Follow

CPA Related
CPA Out-of-State Licensing from Art Berkowitz
CPA Sense
CPA Trendlines


Joseph Evec
Participate in the 2017 CODB Report


Our Taxing Time from Trish McIntire, an enrolled agent (EA)
Tax and Business Law Community - Maryland tax attorney
Tax Industry Talk: Chuck McCabe
Tax Prof Blog
Paul L. Caron, Charles Hartsock Professor of Law
Taxabletalk from Russ Fox, CPA, of Clayton Financial and Tax
Taxguru from Arkansas CPA Kerry M. Kerstetter
Tax Mama’s Tax Quips
The Wandering Tax Pro by veteran professional Robert D Flach

CPA Firm Technology Blog from B. Tankersley, CPA, CITP
Extreme CPA - Technology for Business from Kevin Ryan, CPA
The Tech Gap Gregory LaFollette, CPA, CITP, Executive Editor of the CPA Technology Advisor