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Small Business Marketing Ideas

Financial Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators
Kutztown University Small Business Development Center is the largest collection of
free entrepreneurial training resources available on the internet.

Starting a Business
Jaxworks Small Business Spreadsheet Factory
has useful free Business Plan software.
Nebraska Business Owners Tool Kit is well laid out.
CCH Business Owner's Toolkit | Marketing Your Product has a plan for small businesses.
Online Guide To Starting A Small Business provides a step-by-step approach.
Jaxworks.com: Small Business Spreadsheet Factory start up procedures center on Excel.
A Strategy for Finding the Right Accounting Software from AICPA
Cobweb - Business tips and ideas, advice, guides and reports, news, know-how and opinion about small business
Follow the Money: Accounting: for the young entrepreneur: Tutorial 1

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Small Business Sites
A Touch of Business has daily tips to help you manage your home business.
BBC: Running a business is in-depth and contains news stories and advice.
Missouri Small Business Development Center is very comprehensive.
Small Business Resources & Links has what you need to open up.
Business 2003 is well done, lets try use the first 5 modules for free.
AllBusiness.com has advise on many specific subjects.
ABC'S of Small Business 
has a Business Basics section on getting started, SBA funding, insurance, marketing, and much more.
Small Business Resource Center from Bank of America is done by state and has great visual aids.
Small Business from BusinessWeek has information to help people manage their small business.
SmallOffice.Com has Free Market Research that lets you test ideas, discussion boards, and answers from the experts.

Small Business from CPAdirect.com has information for getting starting, marketing, technology, tax issues, finance, family business, and office products.
Links for Independent Professionals from 1099 Magazine covers resources and services, articles and advise, family and life style, and associations.
Small Business Taxes & Management has very up-to-date material.

Inc.com the daily resource for entrepreneurs.
SmallBizPod has a podcast, blog, news and community site for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs

General Purpose Sites
Articles about Entrepreneurship And Small Business by Peter I. Hupalo a leader in the world of entrepreneurship.
The Entrepreneur Network helps you start a small business. 
Reference for Business is a search engin with many business related encyclopedias.
Work.com has extensive information rated by usefulness.
About.com has a small business section covering many areas.

Business Town 
has basic help covering many areas of business.
http://businesstobusiness.resourceaid.com has resources to do with business to business issues.
www.businessownersideacafe.comhas a humorous format with a step-by-step guide to business ownership and many online resources.
Entreworld has much information including a Media Resources Center for statistics and research, Discussion Group forums on diverse business topics and an events calendar of seminars and online tutorials.
EBusiness.Com provides e businesses that have bid for the right to be listed as a source of solving your e business problems.  
Financial Dictionary from InvestoWord.com specializes in financial terms.
Business Now.com produces a 1/2 hour TV show especially designed for people interested in business.
State-By-State Small Business Resources provides links to helpful sites.

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Management Library  has help by area of interest.
Management Internet Library 
12manage.com covers management methods, models and theories.
Mind Tools has self-study management and career training.
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