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Collecting Data
Scientific Method and Experimental Design
Displaying Univariate Data
Dot Plots
Frequency Distribution

Stem and Leaf Plot
Grouped Histogram   
Cumulative and Relative Cumulative Frequency Distributions

Describing Univariate Data

Measures of Central Tendency     Video 2      Video 3
Mean and Expected Value

Box and Wisker Plots 
TI-83/84 Box and Wisker Plots
Empirical Rule
Standard scores 1      Video 2      Standard score tables
Percentiles      Video 2        Video 3 
Dispersion  Range, Standard Deviation

Describing Bivariate Data
Scatter Plots
Correlation coefficient
Least Square Regression Line
TI-83/84 Least Square Regression
Regressions toward the mean
Residual plots
Standard error of estimate SEE
Coefficient of determination
Matching scatter plots and correlation

Confidence Intervals

Central Limits Theorem 
Population Mean

Population Proportion
Finite Correction Factor
Determining Sample Size
Bias and variability

Hypotheses Testing

Choosing the appropriate test
Hypotheses Testing and p-values
Large Sample
Two-tail test of one sample mean
Two-tail two means from independent populations
Type 2 Error one tail 
Type 2 Error with two tail
Power of a test
Two-tail two small sample means
One-tail of one sample proportion
Two-tail of one sample proportion
Two-tail of two sample proportions
One-tail small sample "t" test
Two-tail small sample "t" test
Two-tail two sample t test independent populations
Paired t test from dependent populations

F-test for two sample variaences
ANOVA 1 - more than two data sets
Two-way ANOVA

Nonparametric Statistics

Parametric vs Nonparametric Statistics
Chi-square goodness of one categorical variable
Test for independence of two categorical variables using a contingency table
Runs test for randomness
One tail one sample median sign test
Mann-Whitney U Two-tail test from independent populations



Types of Probability

Classical Probability 2.21 minutes
Empirical Probability 1.11 minutes
Subjective Probability 1.57 minutes

Basic Probability from Ted Marks
Law of Large Numbers
Mutually Exclusive Events
Rule of Addition
Complementary Events

Counting from Patrick JMT 10
1 Probability of a Simple Event Counting
2 Probability of At Least One
3A "and statement"  Independent Events
3B  "and Statement" of Dependent Events
4A Bayes' Theorem 1
4B Bayes' Theorem 2
5 Counting Outcomes with Multiplication  With Replacement (repetition)
7A Permutations Order Counts, Without Replacement
7B Combinations Order Doesn't Count, Without Replacement
7C Another View

Correlation and Regression

Spearman's Rank Correlation
Regression Part 1
Regression Part 2

Other Useful Statistics Stuff

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Taxonomy of Statistics
A Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics
Overview of Statistics and How to Study Statistics
Statistics, Tests and Measurement, 4 Videos 
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Statistics Formula Reviews
Procedures for Solving Statistics Problems
Categorizing Statistics Problems
helps determine correct test.
Practice Problems
Test Passing Help
Statistics Cartoons
Practice Tests Using Software
Excel Directions For A Sample Research Project
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