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Short-term Economic Question  

Current Economic News Questions

Middle Class Economics


Longer-Term Economic Questions

 Fake News Created Questions

Policy Changes



Preface: Do Economists Lie?

1. Trump Economy In Good Shape?

2. Will Trump Tax Cuts Work?

3. Inflation Back Means Trouble?

4. Stock Market Too High?

5. U.S. Headed for Recession?

6. Trade Troubles

7. Dollar Privilege Continuation

8. Illegal Immigrants Disposition

9. Income Inequality Affecting Growth?

10. New: Liberal Democracy in Peril?




1. Will Inflation/Growth Solve Deficit Problem?   

2. Jobs Loss to AI Growth

3. Will Debt End U.S. Capitalism?

4. Dollar Privilege Continuation

5. Disposition of Illegal Immigrants

6. Is Income Inequality Affecting Growth?

Current Questions

1. 2017 Was a Very Good Year"

2. 2017 Left Warning Signs

3. Inflation's Could Mean Trouble?

4.Stock Market Run Continues

5.Large Economies Fear Slowdown

Middle Class  Questions

Is Middle Class Wealth Fall a Crisis?

Is Wage Stagnation a Causes?

Can Wage Stagnation Be Solved?

Is Safety Net Appropriate?

Less Good Jobs?

Rights/Wrongs Dismal Science Video

Capitalism Cause Middle-Class Plight?

Capitalism/Movement Lowered Wages?

Middle Class Treated Fairly?

Fake News Questions

Unintended Fake News

1. Wages Stagnation

2. National Debt is a Catastrophe

3. Wages Continue to Stagnate



Over Spending on Terror?

War on Terror

Episodes Since 1900

Terrorism Against West 1975-2015

The Art of War

Gun Violence Affects Police

U.S. Wars

Questionable Policy Changes

1. When was the concept that the US is a mixed economy take out of basic econ textbooks?

2. When was it decided that easy monetary policy had much effect on increasing aggregate demand. Passing laws that ignore human nature do not create animal spirits and ignoring immeasurable variables does not stop them from being economic variables. Result: Econometric models are not useful.

Needed Policy Changes

1. Increasing living standards are the important, the absolute gap between the to 1/10th of one percent and any cohort is interesting, a basis for taxing the very very rich, but not a rational for current populism.

2. Benefits from more spending for universal academic education follows
a traditional growth curve and the US reached the to 2030 plus years ago.


Middle Class Treated Fairly?

Capitalism- Middle-Class Plight? 

Capitalism/Management Lowered Wages?

Look Out Window Economics


Economics Exposed

Everyone is on Welfare

Is Financial Aid Welfare?

College Tuition Not Going Up Rapidly