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2017 Left Warning Signs

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Inflation Is Getting Back to Normal
Fed Warns About Coming Spike in PCE Inflation



"Interest Rates Usually Follow Inflation

Junk Bond Market Still in Total Denial, Fighting the Fed 4/18/18
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Lots of Federal Borrowing Coming




Will Continuing GDP Growth Pay For The Debt

Snapshot from the FED has much data




"Of course, market melt-ups are symbolic of the final phases of "capitulation" as investors who feel like they "missed the boat," finally jump back on board." The Melt-Up Continues 1/26/18

"Larry Summers is choosing to write op-eds claiming that Janet Yellen could not have left Jerome Powell with a better legacy. Nobody seems to have told Summers that in 2017, Yellen's Fed did not alter the Fed's interest rate path. It failed to do so despite the strong boost that a close-to-full-employment U.S. economy was receiving from the combination of a 25 percent increase in U.S. equity prices, a 10-percent dollar depreciation and the large unfunded Trump tax cut. In all probability, this has left the Fed well behind the interest rate rising curve, which realization is now roiling the U.S. bond market. More disturbingly yet, no one seems to have told Summers that by keeping monetary policy too low for too long, the Yellen Fed, along with the world's other major central banks, have created a global financial market bubble of epic proportions. This bubble is to be seen in global equity valuations at lofty levels experienced only three times in the last 100 years, in government bond yields at historic lows, and in serious credit market mispricing." 2/5/18  Source 


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The Coming War Between Trump and
The Fed to Determine Growth
 8 min video review/preview

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ECRI Leading Indicators Signal Economic Strength

Neil Howe Explains
Investing in a Trump Market and the Bannon Affect

44 min video 

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2017 Left Large Economies In Good Shape

Wages Trying to Keef

 Great Recession Update 9/12/17


Consumer Debt All Time High




Household Debt Service Very Low

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This is why many question the FED's rate hikes.




Trump Estimated Income Tax Saving
before Payroll Taxes and Other Deductions

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Fast Food Cook

Average salary: $20,570

2017 tax: $1,059

2018 tax: $857

Percent tax cut: 19.1%

 $202/year  or $3.89 -per week-

Machine Feeders

Average salary: $30,490
2017 tax  2,547

2018 tax: $2,028

Percent tax cut: 20.4%

 $529  per year or  $10.17


Average salary: $40,860

2017 tax: $4,014

2018 tax: $3,273

Percent tax cut: 18.5%

$741/ year or $14.25

Firefighter Average salary: $50,520

2017 tax: $5,214

2018 tax: $4,432

Percent tax cut: 15.0%

$782 per year or $15.04 per week

Sheet metal workers Average salary: $51,080

2017 tax: $5,322

2018 tax: $4,537

Percent tax cut: 14.7%

$785 per year or $15.10

Editor's Note: Media US salary is about $60,000

Data Source


Tax Bill in 10 Years
Maybe this will Activate the Sanders base




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