Do Economist Lie?
If the Public Believes A and Not-A is the Case  
Was there a Lie?
updated 9/3/18

1A. General Public Believes
Worker Productivity Up Wages Flat


1B. By this Analysis
 It Is Remarkably On Track!



2. Three Economic Studies, Three Different Results
Note  How On Compensation is Not Defined


  3. FED Explains Their Method


Proper Measurements Paints a Different Picture

Politicians and Media use quickly available and  lowest income growth estimate. Since 1965 fringe benefits and household composition affected income growth. Measuring Middle Class Wellbeing Requires Adjustments for these and the use of the most appropriate inflation measure.  See

Economic Normality 1945-2015 and Americans- Forget How Good They Have It  

Census data: Little Income Inequality  

Problems With Economic Measurements Over Time. 5 min video

Wages Stagnant Real Median Compensation Should Be Used__


4. Another Example
 Candidate Trump was correct when he said unemployment was 40%
if you define unemployment as work force minus people working.

5. Proposed Problem and Solution
Economists did not communicate this analysis!
Media did not point this out.
Candidates did not point this out.

Humans let prejudices, often for, to affect their data considerations.

Proposed Solution
In a debate, a nominal definition is required
before the sides speak. Society must require this.

Question: When did Chris Mathews become the Rush Limbaugh of the Left?