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Special Report 

U. S. Wellbeing: The Good and the Bad
1. Work   
2. Health   3. Poverty   4. Education   5. Taxes   6. Debt   7. Government  8. Civility   9. The Bottom Line

Business Basics

On Grand Strategy
the processes, complexities in devising grand strategies

Accounting For Owners, Managers, Administrators

Business, Sustainable
INNOV8 - a BPM Simulator
explores business processing
Construction Financial Management from Bookboon

E-Commerce and E-Business
from Wikibooks

Enterprises, Small and Medium, and Info Comm Tech from Wikibooks
Entrepreneur, Getting Started as from Wikibooks 
Entrepreneurial Behavior from CCOTC use search
Green Technology Strategies

Groups and Teamwork The Open University
Ideavirus, Unleashing the
Innovation Happens Elsewhere 
Internet Governance  from Wikibooks

Internet and Business and Management

Teach Yourself Mathematics, Teach You self
Small Business Internet Library 

Starting a Business
    Getting Started as an Entrepreneur/Company/Legal Structures

   Sustainable Business/The business plan
   Starting and Running a Business
Strategy, Business Wikibooks

Sustainable Business, Wikibooks
Transportation, Fundamentals of
from Wikibooks

Is College Economically Worthwhile?    
Is Financial Aid Welfare?


Business Communication

Business English from Wikibooks
Business Writing
Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective 
from Global Text Project
Public Speaking, Advanced
Public Speaking, The Art of
- Dale Carnegie
Public Speaking -
Principles and Practice Irvah Lester Winter
Public Speaking
Clarence Stratton
Public Speaking, Successful Methods of
Grenville Kleiser

Technical Writing  business correspondence, resume design, audience analysis 
Technical Writing/Business Communications/Beginning
 from Wikibooks

Business Ethics
Business Ethics from Connexions
Ethics and the Economy
from May Fly Books
books on theoretical, political, aesthetic works on organization
books on theoretical, political, aesthetic works on organization

International Trade
Conducting Transatlantic Business from Bookboon
Corporate Governance and International Business from Bookboon
Globalization 101: A Student's Guide to Globalization


Meet the author/editor Walter Antoniotti  

Law, Business

Legal System of the United States
Computing Students, Law for from Bookboon
Corporate Law/Introduction  
Evidence, Proof and Justice from Bookboon

Intellectual Property Rights

Law For Business Students from Bookboon
Outline of the U.S. Legal System
Sports Development, Law And Commercialization from Bookboon

A Law Dictionary

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Company Histories
Company Histories Part 2
Leading American Businesses

Encyclopedia of Small Business

Encyclopedia of Business
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Financial Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators

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U. S. Wellbeing: The Good and the Bad About
1. Work   
2. Health   3. Poverty   4. Education   5. Taxes   6. Debt

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Pre Algebra


Monthly Question  Capitalism Caused Middle-Class Plight?

Special Report: Geopolitical Turmoil  1/20/19