Why Trump Won

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First the Political Parties Morphed Toward Opposing Philosophies

FDR's New Deal began the conservative voter movement  to the Republican Party.
Truman Doctrine  moved more conservatives. Democrats five terms

Eisenhower made many voters feel good about the Republican Party. Republicans two terms

Eastern Elitists image of Kennedy's administration influenced many rural, Western voters .
Great Society  of supposed conservative Democrat Johnson completed movement. Democrats three terms

Second Party Animosity Grew

Nixon's Watergate increased political party animosity. Republican two terms

Carter's Crisis of Confidence" Speech  hurt Democrats one term

Reagan Revolution ended the New Deal era with political parties

Bush found
 People Vote Their Pocketbook when he increased taxes. 
Republicans three terms

Clayton's Monica Lewinsky Scandal
increased Republic animosity. Democrats two terms

Bush 2 wars and deficits reinforced party prejudice substantially increasing animosity.
Republicans two terms

Obama Presidency reinforced party prejudices substantially increasing animosity.
Democrats two terms

Politicians Failed

American Income Inequality Perfectly Explained (Mark Blyth Interview) 11 min video

Third Trump Won Because it was the Republican's Turn

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The Trump Effect

Professor Mark Blyth on Policy Goals, Trump, and China

Trump Won Most Red Less Dynamism States




The Study shows most Trump states
are becoming even less dynamic.




Political Issues

Is Politics About the Money?

 Should Tea Party Share Its Debt Tea?   

Why is Poverty Controversial?

Is the Country in Trouble?

Exorbitant Dollar Privilege



















Health Move Hits Trump Country







Two Political Eras
Political Eras One 1788 to 1892   pdf
Political Eras Two 1896 to 2016   pdf

Many Elections
Presidential Elections One 1778-1824
Presidential Elections Two 1828-1852
Presidential Elections Three 1856-1892

Presidential Elections Four 1896-1928

Presidential Elections Five 1932-72
Presidential Elections Six 1976-2012    

Rigged election . . . Sowed-Doubt and Nearly Led to Violence

See Our Democratic Federalist Republic and
 US Election Issues and Historical Demographics from our

U.S. Government and Politics Course US Election

Source US Political Economy Handbook


Disruptions to NAFTA Agricultural Trade Could Especially Hurt Trump-voting States