Proposed Education Manifesto
For a Capitalistic, Democratic Federalist Republic
Executive Summary 6/25/17



Problems Needing Solutions

Part 1 Opinions Matter

Historical Leaders
Education Observations

from Confucius to Churchill

Student Treatment  "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop." Confucius
Academic Rigor "Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon." E. Forster
Desired Result  The most important thing about education is appetite. Winston Churchill


Current Leaders Advise
from Ten Experts

P. Drucker believed "Students Should Have Studied What They Do Well"
A. Kohn "... there isnít even a positive correlation between...homework ..." and "... any measure of achievement. "
J. Heckman ďThe highest rate of return in early childhood development comes from investing...early...."

Part 2 Author's
Proposed Education
Axioms and Postulates

A student's Special Intelligence, what they do best, should be determined and central to their educational efforts. Equal does not mean the same so unique treatment using Individualized Curriculums is essential.
Reading enjoyment is primary to success so students determine1
what they read and level.
suggestions to

 Part 3  World Changed,
Good Jobs Disappeared

Public Education
Must Follow

Our best and brightest students are in a competitive struggle with the best and brightest from around the world.
Job Polarization has decreased opportunities for average academically educated High School graduates.

There are
Few Good Jobs! and academically oriented students must work harder, especially non-stem majors.

Part 4 Implementation
Educating the
Class of 2035

has many benefits

Base primary grades on determining what a student does well, their Special Intelligence.
Base secondary grades on four twelve-week year-round
four hour double sessions terms allowing students to
take overloads, participate in school activities, work in the community, sleep late ...
Teachers use off sessions for compensation overloads or sabbaticals banking, student activity management ...
Community benefits include lower building costs, assistance from active young adults ...

Education Plan
Step One

Local Community Prioritize Possible Goals

1. Improve HS Graduation Rate
2. Maximize Use of Free Internet Learning Materials

3. Use Publicly Accountable Charter Schools judged by the cost/benefits analysis to the community.
4. Maximize College Acceptance  
5. Track Students by Ability
6. Community or State Determines Curriculum Content
. A Student's Curriculum Based on What They Do Well

8. Guided by Bloom's Taxonomy

9. Choose between
Pedagogy or Andragogy example

1Students go to their reading computer and read Jack and Jill went and then they choose an option like ball game, dance, rodeo, movie... Once students begin the computer takes over and adjusts the reading level and direction for each student based on what they want to read, how fast they read with how well they read based on some

end of assignment easy questions. This is not an IQ test. There is no hurry as the only complete failure is those that can't read well enough to begin the process which indicates the need for special personal attention. A 7th grade reading level at H.S. graduation

is OK if desire means continued reading. The key is when hey decide they want more they are prepared. Thanks!  
author/editor Walter Antoniotti
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