Confessions of a Left Leaning Centrist

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Nominal Definition: Primary Issues of this Left Leaning Centrist are  Right to Choose Anything Legal, More Life Improving Research, A Major Program to Placate Dissatisfied Cohorts1.
Confession 1 I am almost a Libertarian believing in Government Efficiency Thoughts Politicians should stress cost affectedness See Hourly cost of-military aircraft
Is Financial Aid Welfare?
Confession 2 Free Trade revealed Bill Clinton
admitting failure in negating economic effects of NAFTA
and still Hillary Clinton was backing free trade, especially the

1930's saw FDR create SS
1960 saw LBJ create Medicare and Medicaid
1990's saw Clinton failed to expand health care
See Free Trade Analysis

Related Graph 1

Confession 3 President Obama stating that TPC was needed to protect
Intellectual Property Rights even though their high profits called economic rent go to the very few at the top of economic food chain.
If Obama Care won't placate Trump supporters, What Will? see Trump Voters Understood Economic Wellbeing
Economic Future of Our Children
Are Child & Youth Protected
Confession 4 President Obama had a good poker face reputation and I soon wondered if it would work in foreign affairs, free trade and health care negations. President Trump said he may not finalize South Korean Trade Deal  Why? Because it’s a very strong card. It was unclear how delaying a trade deal with the south would persuade the north to denuclearize.   
Confession 5  Does "Black Lives Matter imply other lives do not matter? Would Lives Matter be better?  
Confession 6 I have never heard someone for something inquire about the cost effectiveness of that something.
Confession 7 References to the National Debt always makes me wonder if Laboratories of Democracy from L. Brandeis applies to most federal programs.
Confession 8 Everyone is on Welfare as there are 12 benefit areas grouped into Social Security, Company, and Societal.
1Oiginal this was healthcare but LL Centrist  have not been able to join LL Liberals since the time of FDR
  He cohort of interest voted as populist in the 2016 US Presidential election.

Do Right  Leaning Conservatives, Think McCain, Know This?

Still, McCain’s panel authorized
in its version of the fiscal 2018 spending request for
24 additional F-35 over the 70 the Pentagon requested.



Do Left Leaning Liberals, Think Clinton, Obama, Sanders, Know This?



Should American's Sacrifice When
US 21st Century Success
Meant Almost Nothing?

The Scale of Pentagon Waste Boggles the Mind

But Congress Keeps Giving Them More

If any other public agency had blown hundreds of billions of dollars

Congress would hold hearings. If it's the Pentagon, it gets $80 billion more.








 Unchanged in Forty Years

Reading Scores

Image of a line graph with three horizontal lines showing average scores for age 9, age 13, and age 17 students. The X axis is labeled year and shows various years from 1971 through 2012. The Y axis is labeled scale score and shows a range of scores from 0 to 500. Each horizontal line consists of two assessment variations: original assessment format and revised assessment format.

How many people even know about these long-term test when media only covers
tests that change often and whose negative results are used for large increase in
 education spending. not to mention continuing anxiety?


GAO Recommended Cost Savings

A summary figure highlighting numbers of new recommended actions and the status of prior actions.