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Elementary School

Finance Education for Kids CNN Money

Girl Scout Brownie Activities to Earn the Money Manager Badge Federal Reserve

Wise Pockets has many prominent sponsors.

Mobile Math Games

The new allowance rules:  Start early and don't peg money to chores

Middle Schools

Gazillionaire a free Monopoly type game set in outer space with Wall Street in wonderland.

Materials for Middle and HS HMH School Publishers

Prepaid Tuition College Savings not always a good idea.


High School Students
Managing Money

How to Decide if College is Worth It
Considerations for Soon to be College Students
Credit Cards for College Students
Free HS& College Textbooks
Free Stuff for Students

Financing College

Financial Aid
Best Tx Free Save for College -529-plans
Free Application for Federal Student Aid Completion Matters
Many Upper Middle- Class Choosing Community College

Why You Don't Want Private Student Loans
6 questions to ask before taking out student loans
2 FAFSA Changes to Help Finance College

College Student Rely On Financial-Aid More
FastWeb Has Help
How to go to college for free in America
Professor A's Scholarship Guidance

Other Free Stuff

Study Skills
Homework Help
Mr. A's Career Advise 

College Students

Prelude: The Millionaire Next Door 10 min video

Managing Money

WSJ's app find student debt
 and first-year salaries for many schools.

Warren Buffett - How to Stay Out of Debt Forever
Avoiding Financial Mistakes
Money Management Stuff 60 min Penn State Video
Budgeting and Banking
College Student Tax Breaks

Graduates Guide to Freelancing
free textbooks, study aids
Finance for Soon to be College Students
Money Talks  English and Spanish
Money Mistakes Rich Never
Free Budgeting Software
Click on disk  to install free budgeting software from Alux Scott Accounts.
After using it, you should upgrade, it's worth the money.
Home Budget Calculator from Dinkytown
free, fast, easy upgrades are Expensive
AceMoney Lite - Free Personal Finance Manager

Private, Public, 2-year, 4-year, dorm life,
commuting loans  from the Federal Reserve

Getting Loans
For Profit Schools seldom affect future earnings
2 FAFSA Changes to Help Finance College
6 student loan facts private lenders won't mentions

9 College Loans Scams

Student Loan Consultant Answer 10 Questions

Paying Loans
A Beginner's Guide to Repaying Student Loans
Federal Loan Forgiveness is Taxable Income
Federal Rules Make It Easier for Student Loans Forgiveness

Early Payments Not Always a Money Saver
Manage Your Student Loan Debt
Refinancing Student Loans
Refinancing Federal Student Loan Considerations extensive
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Refinancing Student Loans
5 Loan Repayment Strategies
Student Loan Payments On an Entry Level Salary very specific

Bankers Ease Rules on Automatic Student Loan Defaults
6 Tips for Avoiding the Worst Student Loan Repayment Traps
Student loans change when you get married,  3 ways to make that a good thing








College Course Notes
Personal Finance Presentations/Lectures
Dr. B. O'Neill, CFP® of Rutgers U.



Teachers, Students, Parents
Life Lessons: Teaching Kids About Money

Financial Literacy Teacher and Student Materials
11 Tips to Raise Financially Savvy Kids
Teaching Personal Finance
Questions Before Investing in Anything
Parental Borrowing For College Repayment Issues Dallas Fed
Knowledge @ Wharton High Schoool
SEC Just for Teachers
Money Smart
from the FDIC game used on the Internet or with free disks.
Its your paycheck online course for Students and Teachers St. Louis Fed 
Money Instructor

Personal Finance Internet Library
Free Excel Stuff for Teachers  
Decision To Buy Vs Rent A Home Breakeven Analysis














































































How Different Generations Think About Investing