Worst 20th Century Decade Was?

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1. Why is Poverty Controversial?
2. Is Income Stagnation Serious?
3. Is Politics About the Money?
4 Criticism of Modern Capitalism


The 19th Century ended with Monarchs in control, 
liberal economic thought expanding, and increased migration to U.S.
Decade Grade   Terrible Events

Bad Events

Not Good Events Rest of the Story

1930-39 Great Depression
Dust Bowl
  Keynes wins battle with classical economics or did he?


1940-49 War II  

Cold War

Marshal Plan rebuilds Europe helping U.S economy, Truman Doctrine hopes to contain fears about  communism


4 Assassinations
Social Unrest
Hong Kong Flew

Vietnam War

War and Segregation Turmoil dominate the decade


Spanish Flu


Labor unrest
Red Scare

Progressive Era continues as US slowly affords social responsibility including   hookworm  parasite elimination which increases southern worker and school productivity
5 1950-59

Korean War
Asian Flew
Polio Epidemic3  

Segregation Turmoil

2 small recessions 
Red Scare

Economic Expansion and 
the rise of the middle class




2 Small Wars
Great Recession


2 tax cuts and one health care acts Medicare expansion  ease pain from
7 and 1900-09  

Unions & Social Unrest
A Sever Recession

Last Yellow Fever Epidemic3  
Progressivism begins the movement away from Oligopoly toward Social Responsibility
Scarlet Fever Deaths Peak
7A 1970-79   Stagflation Watergate
Oil Embargos
Iran Hostages
8 1980-89  

A Sever Recession

  RR cuts taxes and deregulation starts debt explosion, middle class wages stagnate
9 1920-29    

Small Post WW I recession

Economy expands as Wall Street and business rebuild Europe
10 1990-99         Free trade and capital markets expansion continues middle class stagnation
11 2010-04       Great Recession quickly recovers because government prints money, Health Care Expands, Many Already With  Government Subsidized Health Insurance2 abhor Changes
1The devastating affects of war on the human condition make it the most terrible event.  The devastating affects of unemployment on the human condition make it the second most terrible event. prepared by Walter Antoniotti


2Company paid health insurance care, Medicare way over budget, Veterans Health Care, Medicaid, Hospital must help uninsured and money comes from everyone.
31902 Scarlet Fever deaths peak at close to 5,000 and slowly drop thanks to penicillin.

1905 Last Yellow Fever epidemic 20 died in US as misquote control eliminated cause, vaccine 1936.
1916 Measles 12,000 mostly children died, vaccines finally eliminates most of it in early 1980's.
1918 Spanish Flew 500,000 died in US.

1921 Diphtheria 206,000 cases, 15,520 mostly children died.
1953 Polio strikes 57,628 with 21,000 paralyzed, vaccine followed but vaccination took a while, gone from US. 
1957-58 Asian Flew  70,000 died in US.
1968-69 Hong Kong Flew 34.000 died in US.

1960's brought Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccines 1960's making childhood much more comfortable and in 1995 a Chicken Pox vaccine was developed.

Figure 1