COVID 19 Death Analysis

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London's 18th Century Good Old Days




Pandemic: Cases > 100% Sick > Hospitalizations > Many Death

Healthcare Casedemic: Cases > 40% Sick

Rural Ares Get Casedemic

Urban Areas Get Pandemic and maybe a 2nd Wave Casedemic?

COVID: Rural States Not Affected



ositive Cases  
3,183 10,009
Recovered cases  2,641  
Active cases                  542  

Deaths flu/pneumonia   66

Sources: Cowboy State Daily 19 Death% Analysis.htm



...dying after being admitted  to intensive care with #COVID19
has pretty much halved since the early days of the pandemic.




 See COVID-19 Morality Thought Experiment


Editor: Total US Hospitalizations and Deaths in July May Decide

Both Views Based on Science

Fauci an an Alarmist,
 has moved away from complete shutdowns.

Beyond the morbidity and mortality burden, the spectrum of the disease remains striking, said Fauci. In 40%-45% of cases, patients have no symptoms, despite testing positive for exposure to the virus. From there, symptoms run the gamut from mild (uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection) to critical illness (acute respiratory distress, septic shock, multiorgan system failure). Patients who are asymptomatic or have mild/moderate symptoms account for about 80% of all cases.  "If you count all of the people who are asymptomatic, it's likely that the total fatality rate is around 1% or less."

No Lockdown. But Ware Masks or Else

Mask Slackers' and 'Deadly' Spit:
The 1918 Flu Campaigns to Shame People Into Following New Rules


1. Michael Levitt critiques the "science" of epidemiology and shows that only Sweden got it right

2. @InProportion2 Psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety disorders,
paranoid delusions, and irrational fear:

2. “Madness is all around us.
The public is adopting a personality disorder
I’ve been treating my whole career.”

3. Ramin Farzaneh-Far MD @rfsquared

Cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 T-cell epitopes revealed preexisting T-cell responses
in 81% of unexposed individuals, and validation of similarity to common cold
human coronaviruses provided a functional basis for postulated heterologous immunity

Our 100 Year Virus?

See Spanish Flu       Asian Flu       Hong Kong Flu      COVID-19          


Coronavirus restrictions have led to lower influenza numbers
across the Southern Hemisphere during its winter months
WSJ 7/22/20

Can You Get Covid-19 Again? It's Very Unlikely, Experts Say - NYT


 Ignored by Mass Media

Many Positives CV Tests ≠ Many Dying

 Medical Profession Doing Very Well,
Government Health Administers and media, Not so Much


Not the Greatest But Not Last




Michael Levitt critiques the "science" of epidemiology and shows that only Sweden got it right



Daniel Horowitz  @RMConservative
In 2016, there were 37,879 deaths by unintentional injury among those 18
which obviously is very much influenced by car accidents.
That is 40 times the number of deaths from the virus.


Agreed Upon Data 5/30


Hospitalized 1

ICU = 2%


Sumter Florida
N 135,000
Sumter actual
= 408 =
0.003 =
unknown Florida Not Reported
Sumter actual deaths = 17 = .00012 =
very very low

1cdc-volumes 69/wr/mm6924e2 14% of cases were hospitalized1      2.3% admitted to the ICU      

CDC has finally attempted to estimate the death rate for COVID-19.
Under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26% = 0.0026 or .26 PER 100 <1%.
2Non-nursing home fatality rate is 0.0013 or .13 PER 100
People Under 50 it is 1 in 5,000  
People With symptoms 1 in 6,725 source