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Capitalism in Crisis

When Capitalism is Great and Not- So- Great 14 min
Unfettered Capitalism Hedges & Moore 9
The Crisis of Capitalism, Critique14
The End of Capitalism
Capitalism in Crisis 100
Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform Yale University
Macroeconomic Disasters since 1870, Henry George Lecture

Deregulation, Housing Policy Caused 07 Meltdown 1/3   2/3    3/3

Descriptions of Modern Capitalism

Neoliberal Economics - Professor Michael Hudson
Critique of Neoclassical Macroeconomics Part 1   Part 2

Hunter Lewis on Crony Capitalism 30 
How Crony Capitalism Corrupts Free Markets
The Private Sector Against Corruption 30 min

Economic Systems

Laissez fair Capitalism vs. Socialism
Capitalism and Socialism is more of an editorial. 14
Capitalism v Socialism Crash Course uses humor 14
Milton Friedman Versus A Socialist  4
Capitalism vs. Communism 


Great Recession from a Classical-Keynesian View
Roger Farmer Pepperdine School of Public Policy

Who are the Academic Scribblers 9
Refining Classical Economics 9
Effect of the Great Depression
1970's oil shock shocks world of economics 9
How bad is the economy and where is it going 8


Political Systems

Republic vs. Democracy and other governments 11 min
Origin of Democracy 46
Athens-The Truth About Democracy 48

Politics of Government

The Basics on Political Systems 13
A Republic No More 63

Oligarchs Still In Control

Oligarchs R. Morris 37, H. Salomon 42 and wealthy businessman financed US Revolution
Terminal Democracy 21
After Democracy 49
Legalize Democracy 30
Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule 1 10  


Four Horsemen 99 min video is a collection of today's greatest sociological, political and economic voices that analyze and put into historical perspective the decisions and re

sults of our economic and political systems.


History Using Maps

The History of the Greeks
Every Year of the Roman Empire
Every Other Day of the Napoleonic Wars
Every Day of World War I
Every Day of World War II
Everyday of World War II in the Pacific
The History of the World Every Year
The Five Largest Cities Throughout History
Every Major Plague Epidemic in History
The Evolution of Modern Government
The Rise of Religions Throughout History
The History of Communism Since 1850
The History of Urbanization
The History of South America
How the World Got Obese
The History of North America
The History of Africa
The History of China Every Year
Every Nuclear Explosion in History
Every Year in The History of the Ottoman Empire
The History of the Middle East
The Loss of Native American Lands Within the US Every Year
Every Ruler in Europe Since 400 BC
Every Day of the Korean War
The Results of Every US Presidential Election in History
Every Week of the American War of Independence
The Rise and Fall of the Mongol Empire
The Population of Every Civilization in Europe Every Year Since 400 BC
The Rise and Fall of the French Empire
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
The Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire
The History of the Reconquista
The History of South Asia
The Great Turkish War
Every Other Day of the Russian Civil War
Every Year in the History of the British Isles
Every European Country’s Maximum Extent
The French Invasion of Mexico
Every Ruler of Russia and Its Borders Since 880 AD
The Great Northern War
The Ancient History of the Middle East, Every Year
The Conquests of Alexander the Great, Every Month
The Rise and Fall of the Inca Empire, Every Year
Every Month of the Hundred Years’ War
Ancient Mesoamerica, Every Year
The Rise and Fall of the Hapsburg Dynasty
Every Year in the History of Scandinavia
The Largest Cities in North America Since 900 BC
The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire
4,500 Years of Battles in One Time-Lapse Map
Every Year and Ruler in the History of Egypt
The Rise and Fall of the Italian Maritime Republics
Every Day of the English Civil War
The Five Largest Cities in Europe Every Year Since 1200 AD
Every Single Year in the History of Civilization in Asia
Every Year in the History of England
The Human Population for the Last 2000 Years
The Largest Empires in History
Every Other Day of the American Revolution
The History of Coins & Currency Until 1500 AD
The History of Coins & Currency – 1500 to 2019 AD
The Reconquest of Rome
Every Ten Days of the Chinese Warlord Era
The History of the EU
Every Day of the Mexican-American War
The Spread of Buddhism from 500 BC to 1200 AD

Other Stuff


Debt Caused Recession Coming 7 min video
Debt Cycle 25 min video

Success and Price of Capitalism

Economic Classics from Internet

Economics 1 and 2 Video Lectures

Economics AP Videos
are designed for AP Testers

Political Economy 1- page Abstracts of the Basics

Political Economy 1- page Abstracts of the Basics

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