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Trickle-Down Economics: Lower Top Tax Rates
Result: Increased Productivity Will Eventually Increase Average Worker Pay


Trickle-Up Began Immediately

Editor's Note: Keynesian economist believe the large Reagan deficit caused the increase in income.
They also Note the continued increase in income after the Clinton tax increase.

See Trumped-Up Trickle-Down Economics



Trickle-Down Has Been Going Up For a While




Trickle-Up Examples


U.S. CEOs Do Very Well



Other Country CEO's Not So Much



U.S. Very Wealthy are Very Wealthy








U.S. Bank Bailouts Worked Europe Not So Much

Editor's Note: Many European Banks are still in trouble. 1/21/17



But We Are Still Doing OK

Economic Wellbeing

Economic Future of Our Children

Are Child & Youth Protected

Source Economic Issues


   YES   Sorry Envious Left, ‘Trickle-Down’ Is Real – John Tamny, Forbes
NO  Three Reasons Trickle-Down Tax Cuts Don’t Work – Jared Bernstein & Ben Spielberg, American Prospect