Our Growing Constitution

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Part 1
Building a Constitution

1. The Colonial Period

1619 Begins Representative Democracy and Slavery

1636 Brings Freedom of Religion

1735 Zinger Trial Begins Freedom of the Press

1654 Immigrates Welcomed By 1654 New Amsterdam

1786 Shays Tax Rebellion Leads to a Constitution

1803 Marshal Creates a Third Federal Power

Epilog Who Are We of We the people? 

Part 2.
Governing Our Capitalistic Democratic Federal National Republic

1773 Boston Tea Party Creates Begins a Process

1791 “We the People" Begins Expanding

1800 Sees First Peaceful Democratic Power Transfer

1860's Lincoln Saves “United States” Constitution

1866 Who Protects Unalienable Rights of Whom? 

1870's Take Away Unalienable Rights 

1930's Government Safety Net Deficits,
Like War Deficits, Prove Attractive

1973 Finally Brings Faster Track Civil Rights

Part 3
Managing the United States Constitution

Our Founding Fathers Feared Direct Democracy

Maintaining our Republic Required Compromise

The Power Grab Begins

Five Recurring Themes of Political Discussions.

Three Continuing Questions Developed

Did You Know

Part 4.
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