Education Plan Step 4.
Determining Accountability

1. Graduation rate
should be the only measure  of educational success.


Student and Teacher Accountability
 Based on Test Scores
 is an Over-Emphasised Goal.

Education in a World of Multiple Intelligence

What Should Education Accomplish

Who is Responsible for Education in America

Federal Laws Have Unintended Consequences

 Implenting for Educating the Class of 2038



Restructure Federal Education Grants

Louis Brandeis thought of the states as Laboratories of Democracies.
This is a
good idea that  should be applied to education and many areas of citizen concern.
It is necessary as we continue the slow process of to redesigning America.

EditorSwitching to a block grant allotment of funds is a good idea.
Give x dollars for existing underfunded 
state program
 y with no guidelines.
Just someone keeping an eye that it goes for y and not football.

This should replace the WW 2 approach to expert driven complicated large programs
 that can not be managed. Inspired b
See Storm Before the Calm.



Federal Block Grants Could Help Solve

American schools are facing a growing shortage of teachers

Question Does grade inflation and everyone graduates cause academically average people to Think They're Smart-
The Dunning Kruger Effect?