Do Americans
Follow the Money?

And the Answer Is?

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Worst 20th Century Decade?
Provides Perspective

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Worst 20th Century Decade Was?

We Produce the Most

From 1979 to 2011 after tax income for top 1% grew at 3.5% per year vs. bottom quintiles 1.5%

We Borrow More




We Spend Less on Necessities 


Tax Burden is Low
Only 20% Contribute, 20% Are Neutrally 
and 60% Are Receivers 

We Are First in Unhappiness

Map showing countries shaded by their position in the Happy Planet Index (2006). The highest-ranked countries are bright green; the lowest are brown. 
Happy Planet Index And the Answer Is? Please e-mail suggestions

A Relevant Question 
Are strong economic desires and American Idealism 
congruent with America's other beliefs? 


Well-Being Not Income is Important

1) The accumulation of societies efforts to
     improve the well-being of its citizens. 
     US is first!
2) The accumulation of science which by the
    21st century have become immense and
     again the US is first.
3) Personal Income which is a function of
     nature and nurture is high.


The American Dream Discussion
  34 min video


How can people be unhappy when government supplements 60%? In addition 20% of those that do pay in do not pay much. The trade deficit of about $1,700 per person also added to citizens wellbeing. Life will be much more difficult if and when the bill comes do.  

What Could Go Wrong?

1. Higher Than Projected Interest Rates Could Make Carrying Debt More Expensive.
2. Stagnate Growth Could Continue.
3. Budget Effects of Obamacare and Other Contingent Liabilities May Not Prompt Change like the Reagan/O'Neil/Greenspan 1983 Style Payroll Tax Increase.

4. Cost Effectiveness in Education and Military Spending and
the Redundant Safety Net May Continue to be Ignored.
5. A Return to Moderate Inflation or even High Inflation Could Hurt Economy.