Confessions of a Left Leaning Centrist

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Nominal Definition: Primary Issues of this LLC
 A women's right to choose, Stem Cell and Other Life Improving Research, Need One Major Program to placate dissatisfied political cohorts1.
Confession 1 A study of Free Trade revealed Bill Clinton
admitting failure in negating economic effects of NAFTA
and still Hillary Clinton was backing free trade, especially the
1930's saw FDR create SS
1960 saw LBJ create Medicare and Medicaid
1990's saw Clinton failed to expand health care
See Free Trade Analysis

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Confession 2 President Obama stating that TPC was needed to protect
Intellectual Property Rights even though the high profits called economic rent went to the very few at the top of economic later.
If Obama Care won't placate Trump supporters, What Will? Economic Wellbeing
Economic Future of Our Children
Are Child & Youth Protected
1Oiginal this was healthcare but since the time of FDR LLC have not been able to join Liberals and pass a satisfactory bill.      

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