Should We Adjust 21st Century Education Axioms? 
Do They Provide a Good Theoretical Bases for Educating the Class of 2030?
Axiom is the premier premise accepted as true without controversy .
      Postulate is a claimed truth for
Corollary is a proposition that follows from one already proven.  

Proposed Axioms   Proposed Postulates Proposed Corollaries

Leader's Quotes   Source  

1. Success is always 
better than failure.
Grades should be replaced with progression. Students not making progress should receive special attention.

The most important thing about education is appetite. Winston Churchill



Reading enjoyment
is primary to success.
Students determine1 what they read and level of material is determined by computer. Extensive choices from
art, biography, civics ...
to religion and sport...  should continually expand.

"Students will naturally follow their Special Intelligence, what they do well." W Antoniotti



Interpersonal skills 
enhance success.
Interpersonal Intelligence
should be stressed by educators.
Extracurricular activities become a formal part of curriculum.

"They know enough who know how to learn." Henry Adams

4. Unique individuals 
are to be educated.
Education should involve Howard Gardner's equally valued normally distributed multiple intelligences. Expand formal curriculum beyond Verbal and Logical to include Rhythmic, Visual Athletic, Interpersonal and


“Education is no substitute for intelligence." Frank Herbert

5. Equal does not 
mean the same.
Unique treatment of individuals is essential. Continually Modified Individualized Curriculums allow students to change computer directed learning. "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self- confidence."  
Robert Frost
6. Learning skill differ by intelligence type causing daily frustration to ebb and flow. Some skill variation like memory may be physical while others like attention span often change by subject and with maturity. Study breaks should be student determined. I'll do it all now or later and substitute x.


People possessing the characteristics needed for success migrate to areas requiring their skills.  Each geographic student cohort is unique down to sections of a town. The importance of reading progress and enjoyment is the only essential.


Parents, teachers and administrators manage the system with some being managed by "Tiger Moms" and others by

Rob Gronkowski


"Recent graduates should go where the jobs are "
M. Moroney


8.  Intelligence bias exists for all multiple choice 
and true/false test.
Give learner a tool
for communicating, 
a very general
direction and 
see what happens.
Real-world, Technology based, Activity-driven, Question-oriented Individualized Curriculum is the goal.


"Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts." H. Adams
9. Learning efficiency varies and drops after x hours for many and it can become negative. One school calendar
does not fit all.
A year-round calendar

of four twelve-week terms with 4 plus 2 hour days for Secondary Education will improve learning, lower cost benefit teachers.








"Delivering literacy--even on the high level appropriate to a knowledge society--will be an easier task than giving students the capacity and the knowledge to keep on learning, and the desire to do it."... "All it requires is to make learners achieve. All it requires is to focus on the strengths and talents of learners so that they excel in whatever it is they do well." " But schools do not do it. They focus instead on a learner's weaknesses."
Peter Drucker

More H. Adams

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

1Students go to their reading computer which depicts x options that
are all at the same reading level. They choose Jack and Jill went to... 
and are given choices like ball game, dance, rodeo, movie...  Once students
begin the computer takes over and adjusts the reading level and direction 
for each student based on what they want to read, how fast they read
and how well they answer a few very easy questions. This is not an IQ test.
There is no hurry as the only that can't read well enough to continue require
much assistance. This represents the need for special personal attention.
A 6th grade reading level at HS graduation is OK if student desire means 
they continue reading.

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